Yiwu Underwear Base -Famous City for Seamless Knitwear
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Overview of Yiwu Underwear Base
project data
Yiwu Under the jurisdiction of Jinhua City (county level)
area 11.06 million square kilometers
permanent residents 1.24 million
Practitioners 40000
Nearby Cities Jinhua, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai
honor Seamless knitted underwear city
Underwear companies 600
Large-scale enterprises 120
Production scale 180 million sets / year
Annual output value Over 30 billion
Underwear brand 400 or more
Seamless underwear 80% of the country

About Yiwu Underwear Base

The rising star of the underwear industry in Yiwu, but it has occupied the limelight. "China's Famous City of Seamless Knitted Underwear" is another city card of Yiwu. The technological advantages of seamless underwear and excellent body-building effects show good development prospects. At present, there are more than 600 seamless underwear manufacturing enterprises in Yiwu, of which there are more than 120 companies that regulate the model and 22 have annual sales of over ten million yuan. It is worth mentioning that, driven by Yiwu, the surrounding Dongyang underwear has developed very well.

[Representative brand]

Do you know any seamless underwear brands in Yiwu? Langsha, Shuihua, Bangjie, Yi Ting, Cheng Ai, Ai Lian, Zi Xiu, Fei Wing, Wan Yu, Oye, Boni, Butterfly, Fate Bird, Ge Seaman, Senimei, Hui Nongsi, Aibiyi, Guose Tianxiang, etc., so carefully found, the number of brands is still very large.


What will be the success of Yiwu seamless underwear, and what are the factors? First, when the underwear industry came first, the seamless industry was the first to take the initiative, and dare to take the lead in the world. Actively learn, so that Yiwu people have the seamless underwear machine. The second is geographical location. Yiwu is the location of the China Commodity City. Yiwu has created innovative and bold practices that dare to dare to act, and adheres to the concept of honesty and business, forming a modern operation thinking and model. Third, Renhe, Yiwu people have strong financial strength, and the strong support of local governments and financial institutions has given Yiwu Seamless Underwear ample starting power. Once it debuted, it was huge and extraordinary.

Yiwu Underwear News

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Yiwu underwear representative company

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地址 电话 Business name address phone
浙江义乌市稠州西路333号 0579-85325999 Zhejiang Sunshine Clothing Co., Ltd. No. 333 West Chouzhou Road, Yiwu City , Zhejiang Province 0579-85325999
浙江省义乌市义东工业区金麟北路 0579-85033028 85033036 Rongli Clothing Co., Ltd. Jinlin North Road, Yidong Industrial Zone , Yiwu City , Zhejiang Province 0579-85033028 85033036
浙江义乌福田北大门商博路557号二楼 0579-81037766 Yiwu Yingzhiye Clothing Co., Ltd. 2F, No. 557 Shangbo Road, Futian North Gate, Yiwu , Zhejiang 0579-81037766
浙江省义乌市经济开发区杨村路浪莎工业园 0579-85435788 Zhejiang Langsha Underwear Co., Ltd. Langsha Industrial Park, Yangcun Road, Economic Development Zone , Yiwu City , Zhejiang Province 0579-85435788

Yiwu underwear representative brand

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