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Overview of Xiaolan underwear base
project data
Xiaolan Municipalities directly under the central government (county level)
nickname Kikujo
honor Underwear town
Underwear companies 400 or more
Annual output value of underwear 6 billion (estimated)
Annual export of underwear Over 1 billion
Annual production of underwear Over 23 million dozen
Underwear employment population 40,000 people
Provincial Famous Brand Name 23
Well-known trademark 2
Guangdong Famous Trademark 10
Famous Brand Products of Guangdong Province 9
Nearby Cities Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai

About Xiaolan Underwear Base

After 30 years of development, Xiaolan's underwear industry was awarded the title of "China's Famous Town of Underwear" in 2007, which indicates that Xiaolan has been recognized by the industry management organization as a lingerie industry cluster and has a national influence. Speaking of Xiaolan underwear, Xiaolan's underwear has to be mentioned. Xiaolan underwear products can be called the first in the world, and 75% of Chinese underwear consumer products come from Xiaolan, which shows that Xiaolan boxed underwear is second to none in the world.

[Representative brand]

There are many well-known brands in Xiaolan, such as athletes, Connie, Ninja, Aisha, Abbott, Happy Dragon, Funilai, Yizhishe, and pretty girls. Is China's first underwear brand. The development of Xiaolan's underwear industry is actually not worse than the salt in the South China Sea. In many aspects, it is actually better. The huge underwear production is a good illustration.

[Industrial Features]

Xiaolan is located in Zhongshan City, in the middle of the Pearl River Delta. Within 150 kilometers, there are several major cities such as Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen and 4 large airports, which have obvious transportation advantages. Xiaolan has a population of 320,000, and the population engaged in the underwear industry accounts for 40,000. The total economic income of the town is 50 billion yuan, and the per capita GDP is at the forefront of the country. Excellent location, prosperous trade, and highly clustered peripheral industries make the underwear companies set up here have more competitive advantages.

In 2012, Xiaolan's underwear industry received government support to explore the establishment of the China (Xiaolan) Underwear Industry City in an effort to build a more complete industrial chain, attract more upstream and downstream enterprises in the underwear industry to settle in Xiaolan, and provide a large China ’s (Xiaolan) Underwear Industry City serves Xiaolan ’s underwear manufacturing and further strengthens its core competitiveness. As Ren Xiaolan ’s underwear industry continues to increase its influence, in the future, the underwear marked with Xiaolan will be more competitive in the market.

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Xiaolan underwear representative company

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地址 电话 Business name address phone
广东省中山市小榄镇西区西城大路83号 0760-22553898 Zhongshan Feitu Clothing Co., Ltd. No. 83 Xicheng Road, West District, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City , Guangdong Province 0760-22553898
广东省中山市小榄镇永宁工业大道广丰路1号 0760-22125768 Zhongshan Ankang Garment Co., Ltd. No. 1 Guangfeng Road, Yongning Industrial Avenue, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City , Guangdong Province, China 0760-22125768
中山市小榄镇祥兴路名人世家服装大厦 0760-22273806 Zhongshan Celebrity Family Clothing Co., Ltd. Celebrity Family Clothing Building, Xiangxing Road, Xiaolan Town , Zhongshan City 0760-22273806
中山小榄镇西区路162号之二 0760-22180798 Zhongshan Jianao Clothing Co., Ltd. No. 162 West Road, Xiaolan Town , Zhongshan 0760-22180798
中山市小榄镇沙口德来北路三横街1号 0760-22182255 Zhongshan Jaguar Clothing Co., Ltd. No. 1, Sanheng Street, Delai North Road, Shakou , Xiaolan Town , Zhongshan City 0760-22182255
广东省中山市小榄镇永宁螺沙祥福西街23号 0760-22122145 22281145 Guangdong Zhongshan Zhuojiesi Garment Co., Ltd. No. 23 Xiangfu West Street, Yongning Luosha , Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City , Guangdong Province
广东省中山市小榄镇工业大道北48号 0760-22551919 22551918 Zhongshan Kaiwei Brown Clothing Co., Ltd. No. 48 North Industrial Avenue Xiaolan Town Zhongshan City Guangdong Province 0760-22551919 22551918
广东省中山市小榄镇竹源创业路 0760-22261398 22260198 Ajishi Clothing Co., Ltd. Zhuyuan Chuangye Road, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City , Guangdong Province 0760-22261398 22260198
小榄镇永宁洪联路11号 0760-22268118 Zhongshan Hongyu Garment Factory No. 11, Honglian Road, Yongning , Xiaolan Town, 0760-22268118
中山市东凤镇兴华中路107号 0760-22787911 22605611 Zhongshan Aoda Garment Co., Ltd. No. 107, Xinghua Middle Road, Dongfeng Town , Zhongshan City 0760-22787911 22605611
广东省中山市小榄镇西区万合路八号 0760-22234888 Zhongshan Chuanqi Clothing Co., Ltd. No. 8 Wanhe Road, West District, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City , Guangdong Province 0760-22234888
广东省中山市小榄镇永宁洪联二路40号 0760-22254567 22131611 Zhongshan City Xiaolan Town Junzhijie Underwear Apparel Factory No. 40 Honglian Second Road, Yongning , Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

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