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Xiaolan Shunuo men's underwear is looking for distributors

商机类型:供应信息更新于:2013年02月18日有效期:100天 I want to consult the business opportunity type: Supply information updated on: February 18, 2013 Validity period: 100 days

With the acceleration of China's population urbanization process, men ’s spending power and taste will be greatly improved, so underwear consumers will continue to expand, and men ’s underwear distribution agents have become the first choice for many entrepreneurs. Today, China Underwear Network introduces the well-known Xiaolan underwear brand Shunuo Surero, which can give focus attention.

Shu Nuo men's underwear investment

Sunro Surero is a well-known underwear brand in the industry. The brand was founded in 1998. The main target audience is mainly urban men and women aged 20 to 45. It is a brand with a certain influence in the underwear industry. Each underwear of Suno Surero is carefully designed by professional designers. The material is made of the most advanced modal fiber, lycra and brightly-colored visage, bamboo fiber, etc., in order to achieve the comfort and non-stress as the second layer of skin The effect of the sense, also used more considerate high-grade mercerized cotton, super soft fiber and other fabrics. The design and manufacture of the product pay great attention to the characteristics of every minute detail.

Shu Nuo men's underwear distribution agent

Shu Nuo brand underwear focuses on fashionable men who advocate freedom and pursue individuality. With the design purpose of showing men's charm, they regain their original identity for busy men. At the same time, they also show the beginnings of tender women in the city. Charming and tempting, jointly interpreting "sexy beauty", Shu Nuo's design style continues the cultural connotation of the myth of both sexes, and at the same time conforms to the international underwear fashion trends, leading the use of fashion elements from Europe and China, uniquely added to the new "human nature" ”Element, the material is more skin-friendly, natural and healthy.

Shuno surero has a modern, minimalist, comfortable, gorgeous, casual yet elegant atmosphere. The original design concept is based on "your comfort is my promise". The current products are sold throughout the country and have been well received by many users and businesses at home and abroad.

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