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Wanjiahong thermal underwear join cooperation conditions

商机类型:招商信息更新于:2013年02月16日有效期:100天 I want to inquire about the type of business opportunity: Investment promotion information Updated: February 16, 2013 Validity period: 100 days

Wanjiahong joining conditions

Legal person or business organization

Have a strong desire for success and courage to do big things

Have a certain brand of clothing sales experience, with management, operation and sustainable development capabilities

Speak credit, have the necessary investment funds

Have a certain dynamic operating group, unblocked channel resources, and high-quality terminal sales network

Agree with the "Wanjiahong" brand's business philosophy, operating model, and obey the company's headquarters for unified management, guidance and supervision of business and image.

A Evaluator: Understand the joining policy-fill out the joining application form

Franchisor: Introduce the company's franchise--Introduce the state of the industry--Provide the franchise manual

B Evaluator: Sign the agreement-pay the franchise fee-participate in related training

Franchisor: Introducing the company-Signing the agreement-Training for employees involved in joining

Respondent C: Handle relevant procedures for business-storefront decoration-preparation for related opening promotions

Franchisor: Provide data required for operation--provide store decoration plan--opening guidance

D Reviewee: Feedback of business information

Franchisor: Provide business management guidance-coordinate supply-assist market promotion

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