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Shimanfen underwear series

商机类型:招商信息更新于:2012年12月19日有效期:100天 I want to inquire about the type of business opportunity: Investment promotion information Updated: December 19, 2012 Validity period: 100 days

In response to the bottleneck underwear market, Shimanfen took the lead in launching plant fiber underwear to create the healthiest and most professional underwear, leading the Red Sea market of underwear into the blue ocean field, leading the market and being the first in the country to allow Chinese women to wear the healthiest and safest The most comfortable underwear. Seven series, direct lead terminal.

● Pineapple fiber soft underwear: The appearance of pineapple fiber is white, soft and smooth, and feels like silk. Shimanfen pineapple fiber soft underwear, soft and smooth, breathable and absorbent, smooth and wrinkle-free, very comfortable to wear.

● Aloe fiber health underwear: Aloe fiber concentrates many excellent properties such as moisture absorption, breathability, soothing, easy to dye, etc. It also fully has aloe vera's own antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin care and beauty functions. Radiation damages and moisturizes the skin.

● Bamboo fiber UV-resistant underwear: Bamboo fiber underwear is currently widely recognized and praised. It is made by a combination of physical and chemical methods, and has good properties such as moisture absorption, breathability, antibacterial and antibacterial, deodorization, and UV resistance. The sterilization rate reached more than 80%.

● Milk fiber antibacterial underwear: Milk fiber products contain 17 kinds of amino acids. Body-fitting has the functions of moisturizing and nourishing the skin, and smoothing the skin. At the same time, milk shred also has a natural and lasting bacteriostatic function, and it can inhibit bacilli, cocci, and mold that are harmful to the skin. In addition, the milk fiber antibacterial underwear can still be as beautiful as new after being placed for several years, more durable, washable, and easy to store.

● Wood fiber antistatic underwear: 100% pure natural wood fiber, refined through advanced technology of sugar removal and degreasing, wood fiber is naturally soft, oil-resistant, antibacterial and antistatic, making it have unparalleled new quality of other textiles .

● Pearl fiber silky underwear: Pearl fiber is a high-tech method of adding nano-scale pearl powder to the fiber during viscose fiber spinning, so that the nano pearl particles are evenly distributed inside and outside the fiber. Each fiber is like a string of pearl necklaces, which are extremely bright and smooth.

● Cotton fiber breathable underwear: Cotton fiber has good moisture absorption and certain abrasion resistance, and the moisture regain reaches 8%. No static electricity, good moisture absorption and perspiration, good air permeability, relatively close to the human body, made of clothing comfortable to wear, no pilling phenomenon, soft touch.

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