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Morris Merchants Joining Agent Advantages

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I. Brand advantage: Different styles from Europe, enthusiasm and romance integrated into the west, classical and elegant show in the east, products are exported to the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific and other places, and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. Brand.

2. Chain advantage: The company's headquarters has more than 10 years of franchise experience, copying a successful one. All specialty stores have the same image, style, product, price, service, and scale effect, expanding their influence and attracting consumers' attention. Strength, the formation of strategic alliances, enhance the competitiveness of single stores and the ability to resist risks.

3. Management advantage: Adopting the latest domestic franchise franchise ERP management system, scientific and standardized operation method, one step from procurement to sales, scientific, convenient and fast, so you have no worries.

4. Price advantage: The most expensive is not necessarily the best. Based on a large number of market surveys, Morris has in-depth analysis of the consumption level of female underwear, set the market price that is most in line with the domestic market, and uses the national unified retail price to meet the largest range Consumers' demand for product prices in different regions and seasons not only establishes a product image, but also maximizes sales.

V. Product advantages: Morris underwear is designed according to the "principle of fat fluidity". It uses DuPont to produce high-elastic fibers, and adds natural germanium composite fibers. Using human body mechanics to guide the tailoring, it is easy, fast and healthy for women to create golden proportions. The beauty that can be seen is the most real.

6. Training advantages: Headquarters sends professional body-building instructors for systematic training, so that store employees can comprehensively learn and master all aspects of product, display, sales, service, warehousing, logistics, finance and other professional knowledge. On-site counseling and promotion before opening, store operation, ensure The standardized use of training knowledge and the smooth progress of in-store sales.

7. Propaganda advantage: The company invests huge sums of money in network promotion, large outdoor billboard promotion, magazine promotion, newspaper promotion, multimedia promotion. The "three-dimensional" promotion method allows your store to quickly enjoy the brand appeal.

8. Low-risk and high-return advantage: Only 38,000 to open such a store, the company's headquarters can conduct all-round marketing planning for you, multi-form opening support, and policy protection, which greatly reduces the blind investment risk of individuals and high product profits. Quick returns, let you easily loosen the shop, happily make money.

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