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Four competitive advantages of Ai mufen

商机类型:招商信息更新于:2012年11月20日有效期:100天 I want to inquire about the type of business opportunity: Investment promotion information updated on: November 20, 2012 Validity period: 100 days

Ten competitive advantages of Ai mufen:

1. Ai mufen strong brand

(1) Strong production capacity: production scale and processing experience

(2) Procurement advantage: a large number of cooperative suppliers of raw materials

(3) Marketing model: combining direct sales, monopoly, and counter

(4) Brand reputation: high-end popularity and reputation

(5) Professionalism: one of the world's most professional suppliers of "lip shift orthopedic underwear" products

2. Image advantage

Amufen's image is beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. Its success softens the essence of Eastern aesthetics and Western fashion. From brand communication, product packaging to terminal image, it all shows its unique noble temperament and elegant taste.

3. Product advantages

The products of Aimer Finn are made of high-end imported fabrics. Their styles are Athens, feminine, delicate, sexy, fashionable, comfortable, durable, healthy, and beautiful. The fashion design concept has created the quality of top underwear. Women's desire to buy is deep inside.

4. Service advantage

The Amufen operation headquarters not only provides one-to-one highly targeted training for the terminal, and also provides sales staff with a consultative marketing method for sales promotion, but also provides professional daily sales analysis and operational support. Eight unifications, namely unified management, unified management, unified image, unified display, unified goods, unified price, unified training, unified promotion.

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