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Xinfei underwear investment advantages

商机类型:招商信息更新于:2012年11月12日有效期:100天 I want to inquire about the type of business opportunity: Investment information updated on: November 12, 2012 Validity period: 100 days

Xinfei professional is dedicated to spreading a beautiful and healthy culture. After several spring and autumn periods, Xinfei brand has already made a huge impact in adjusting the underwear industry in China. Here, let us share the advantages of Xinfei brand together:

1.The product is derived from the wisdom of senior beauty designers, keeping up with international fashion trends,

Pursuit of fashion and elegant design style, after years of hard work.

2. Innovative fabrics and leading technologies show classic style and brand advantages.

3. Exquisite workmanship, excellent quality, and professionalism of excellence ensure the product

Extraordinary style.

4.Professional R & D, production, marketing, training, customer service team, advanced management model

Style and operation ideas, rich experience in professional styling underwear, for the distributors

Build the strongest backing.

5. Committed to spreading a beautiful and healthy culture, and has established a good nationwide

Word of mouth.

6. The company provides unified media advertising and promotion, franchisees can enjoy brand promotion and brand

The overall benefits of popularity. At the same time, the headquarters customized a unified door for the store for free

Store SI image design plan and decoration plan, provide free promotion POP, publicity

Promotional supplies such as posters and picture albums.

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