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Women's entrepreneurs choose Hong Kong to experience underwear

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Experience is a well-known underwear brand , sales network throughout the country, has become a favored project for many female entrepreneurs. Recently, many franchisees have consulted to understand the conditions for joining underwear. China Lingerie has done a simple sorting and hopes to provide you with a strong reference.

First of all, you must choose a location to open a store. You must understand that the requirements for joining underwear are the main local business districts, street shops (nearly all are for mid-to-high-end customer service shops), and mid-to-high-end living areas. Experience the support of joining underwear:

Advertising support

It can get continual advertising support for enterprises, and at the same time give a corresponding proportion of advertising cost support.

Market analysis guidance

For new franchise customers, conduct field market surveys, assessment of specialty store locations, and market competition environment.

A series of feasibility analysis

Ensure successful brand introduction to the market.

Image design support

The company carries out professional design and supervision of image and display for the dealers free of charge. During the season change, the company has supervised the local area to guide the adjustment of the display and display of the season change.

Training support

The company can provide effective preliminary and regular trainings such as the industry's business skills, salesperson reception skills

Communication training

Product expertise, store art arrangement, market forecasting, financial management, etc., and guarantee to join customer exchange training activities twice a year.

Logistics support

The logistics and distribution services provided by the company can ensure the fast and efficient circulation of goods and meet the demand of the front-line market.

Long-term effective marketing guidance

The company will send professional marketing personnel to carry out marketing diagnosis for customers, adjust marketing strategies in a timely manner, and ensure the healthy operation of franchise stores.

Promotion overall planning

The company plans opening propaganda and promotes national large-scale promotional activities every year to increase brand awareness and expand market share.

Excellent store managers participate in friendship support

Promotional promotional materials are designed and produced by the company for free.

Information sharing support

The company guarantees to share the company's internal information with customers as soon as possible in order to adjust the market strategy in a timely manner.

Inventory and transfer processing

For the customer's backlog of bad inventory, the company timely helps customers reduce the pressure or directly adjust the goods through different planning solutions to ensure the healthy operation of franchise stores.

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