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2013深圳内衣展动态] [ 2013 Shenzhen Underwear Exhibition News ]

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2006-2013, (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Exhibition has gone through 8 years, becoming one of the most influential underwear exhibitions, with an exhibition area of 51,000 square meters, more than 500 participating underwear brands, and gaining the global exhibition industry Association (UFI) certification, this is the seventh exhibition in Shenzhen to receive this award so far. If you have brilliant results, you can hardly believe that this is an exhibition with only 8 years of history, and it has maintained rapid growth every year.
During the exhibition each year, the organizer will provide a platform for underwear brands to showcase new products, such as the underwear show with a high degree of attention. Not only attracted a lot of attention, but also dozens of media rushed to report. The influence is far more than the press conference organized by the brand alone, so many brands are more willing to post new product launches at the exhibition site. During the Shenzhen Lingerie Show, we can not only discuss cooperation with brands, but also enjoy the most unique feast of lingerie fashion.
During the exhibition, not only can you enjoy the lingerie show, but also the influential industry competitions. Many audiences are also very impressed with the 2012 home service design and creativity competition, so what are the industry competitions that will be of interest this year? This year's exhibition will hold the first Xuexianli home wear culture and creative design competition, and the 2013 charming oriental lingerie creative design competition The critical selection phase has now been carried out, and the results of the competition will be announced during the exhibition.
In 2013, the Shenzhen lingerie exhibition area reached 51,000 square meters, and the number of participating lingerie enterprises reached a new high, becoming one of the fastest growing and largest exhibitions of lingerie exhibitions. The exhibition is divided into underwear area, Yanbu underwear area, fabric comprehensive area, accessories area, machinery and equipment area, etc. It is also the most comprehensive type of exhibition for domestic exhibitors. Hundreds of brands from home and abroad will participate, tens of thousands of professional visitors will visit, and reports from more than 100 media will be held.