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Joined the romantic season underwear life hall
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Joined the romantic season underwear life hall

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With the rich variety of underwear products, traditional underwear stores have been difficult to meet consumer demand, so a larger-scale, more product-rich underwear living hall was born and operated, which has become a hot spot of underwear cooperation at present.

Romantic Season is an underwear chain brand under Shanghai Fenli Industrial Co., Ltd. It specializes in R & D, production and management of modern large-scale underwear brands focusing on comfortable underwear. The romantic season underwear products are abundant and need a larger scale to allow consumers to have more choices. Therefore, the romantic season underwear living hall has emerged as the times require.

Next, through a set of romantic season underwear life hall terminal pictures, China Underwear Network takes you into the colorful space of the lavish season life hall.

Door image of romantic season living hall

Romantic Season Life Museum window display

Inside the Romantic Season Life Store

Romantic Season Life Museum Product Display

Inside the romantic season life shop

Colorful Space of Romantic Season Life Museum

Advantages of joining the romantic season living museum

1.Minimum risk competitive advantage-multiple returns from one investment

Low investment and high returns ensure that the franchisee has no worries during the whole operation process.

2. Product competitive advantage-quality creates honor

Complete categories, including bras, shorts, home service, bottoming shirts, leggings, abdomen, swimwear, thermal clothing, to meet customers one-stop shopping, product development throughout the four seasons, no off season.

3. Brand competitive advantage-professional service of diamond quality

Romantic season products have passed the national quality inspection and have strong advertising investment, which greatly enhances the competitive advantage of romantic season brands.

[Investment Analysis of Romantic Season Living Museum]

From the beginning of development, the underwear industry has become one of the most promising industries in China's apparel industry. If the number of underwears owned by westerners per capita is used as a reference, there are 300 million underwear-aged people in China. If each of them purchases 3 pieces of underwear per year, Chinese women need to buy at least 900 million pieces. The survey shows that the annual sales of high-end underwear in Beijing and Shanghai alone amount to 800 million yuan. Experts predict that the annual growth rate of China's underwear market will maintain a rate of 40% in the next ten years.

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