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One stop detailed Oleanon underwear join
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One stop detailed Oleanon underwear join

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Orinon underwear has developed rapidly in China in recent years, with a sales network covering the whole country in just a few years, and these terminal stores are leading the industry in the local market. With such development speed and achievements, Orinon has naturally become a project that many entrepreneurs are eager to understand, and have consulted the brand's joining cooperation policy.

The editor of China Underwear Net collects and organizes the details of Orinon's joining information from the aspects of brand culture, product style, terminal image, and joining policy. What about Orignon underwear? Hope you can find a satisfactory answer through this topic!

About Olinon Underwear

Orinon is a women's underwear brand. The company started to process orders for international famous underwear companies in the early days. After 1997, the company seized the opportunity and was market-oriented. It established the "Orinon" brand and sold its products to Japan, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

How about Orinon underwear

Orinon brand was selected as "China Famous Product", and won the titles of "China Famous Brand" and "Guangdong Famous Brand". It is sought after and loved by fashion women from all over the world for "delicate and fashionable" and exported to Japan, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea And other countries and regions. By the end of 2003, there were more than 1,300 terminal outlets across the country. Under the guidance of the "serious, conscious, and devoted" corporate spirit, strong brand awareness and successful brand management have enabled Orinon to accept new challenges with a new attitude.

Orinon brand legend

According to legend, 1,200 years ago, there was a mysterious Gaman tribe on the banks of the Seine in France. The chief ’s daughter, a beautiful girl named oleno, woven from natural flowers and cotton to the first in the world. A bra ...

Olinon underwear joins

Olinon underwear store image

Orinon underwear franchise stores are located all over the country, no matter which franchise store you enter, you will be very impressed. Orinon underwear terminal not only has a distinctive image design, but also pays great attention to the display of graphic arts in details. The window display, product display, and store decoration are all integrated with Orinon's underwear products. It is not obtrusive and gives a very warm and luxurious life flavor.

Orinon underwear joining policy

1. There are more than 25 square meters of shops in bustling commercial streets or high-end residential commercial streets.

2. With a certain financial strength, about 100,000 yuan for decoration and the first batch of goods

3. Have good service awareness and management ability

4. Experience in brand clothing and underwear is preferred

What about Orignon underwear? This is another interpretation of the concerns of franchisees. What they really care about is whether the Orinon brand has influence, whether there are many loyal consumers, and whether joining Orinon can be profitable. Orinon's underwear joining policy is actually very simple. Only these 4 points are listed, which reflects that Orinon has enough faith in its brand.

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What about Orignon underwear? It can be reflected in its brand culture, corporate history, terminal stores, product image, and consumer reputation. From OEM for internationally renowned brands to transformation and establishment of its own brand. After more than a decade of market accumulation, Orinon has become China's underwear Excellent representative brand of the industry. Through the introduction of the China Lingerie special topic, I believe you have already fully understood Orinon and have your own answers.

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