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Underwear Investment Topics

  • Joined the romantic season underwear life hall
    September 17, 2012

    浪漫季节内衣生活馆加盟 [Investment] Joining the romantic season underwear living hall

    浪漫季节生活馆 Labels Romance Season Life Museum

    With the rich variety of underwear products, traditional underwear stores have been difficult to meet consumer demand. Therefore, the underwear living hall with a larger scale and a wider variety of products was born. It has become a hotspot for underwear cooperation at present. one of them.

  • San Mulberry pupal protein fiber supply underwear fabric
    September 11, 2012

    圣桑蚕蛹蛋白纤维供应内衣面料 [Investment] Sheng Mulberry Pupa protein fiber supply underwear fabric

    圣桑,蚕蛹蛋白纤维,内衣面料 Labels Sang Sang, Silkworm protein fiber, Underwear fabric

    Saint mulberry silkworm pupal protein fiber is a new type of biomass fiber made by blending silkworm pupal protein with natural cellulose, which is an extremely high-quality underwear fabric. In the processing process, high-tech technology is used, so when the fiber is formed, protein can be concentrated on the surface of the fiber to form a protein fiber with a skin-core structure.

  • One stop detailed Oleanon underwear join
    September 07, 2012

    一站详解奥丽侬内衣加盟 [Investment] One stop detailed Oleanon underwear join

    奥丽侬内衣怎么样,奥丽侬内衣加盟 Tags: Orinon underwear, Orinon underwear joined

    Recently, many franchisees have asked about Orinon underwear? Orinon is one of the fastest growing underwear brands in recent years. It is the underwear brand of choice for many women's entrepreneurs. Through China's underwear website, one-stop explanation of Orinon underwear joining information.

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