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What are the Guangzhou underwear wholesale markets
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What are the Guangzhou underwear wholesale markets

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Guangdong's underwear industry is very developed. There are well-known underwear industry groups in the country such as Nanbu Yanbu underwear, Chaoyang Gurao underwear in Shantou, Guangdong, and other well-known underwear brands such as Carlisle, Orinon, Manifen.

Looking at the national underwear industry in Guangdong, Guangdong's underwear wholesale market has the most abundant underwear brands and underwear products in the country. China Underwear Network makes a brief summary of the three major underwear wholesale markets in Guangzhou, namely Guangzhou Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Plaza, Wufu Underwear Wholesale Market, and Gaud Street Underwear Wholesale. It also recommends some unique features for underwear wholesalers. Underwear brand, China Underwear Network sincerely wish you business success.

Guangzhou Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Plaza

Guangzhou Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Plaza

Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Plaza is an indoor underwear wholesale market vigorously supported by Guangzhou Municipal Government and Guangzhou Clothing Association. The largest scale, full range, and convenient transportation are the characteristics of this underwear wholesale square.

The traffic of Guangzhou Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Plaza has a unique advantage. It is located in the transportation hub of Zhanqian Road, the most developed area in Guangzhou, adjacent to the train station, and located in the center of Liuhua clothing wholesale gold business district.

Address: Jinxiang Building, 193 Zhanqian Road, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Wufu Underwear Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Wufu Underwear Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Wufu Underwear Wholesale Market in Guangzhou has a total construction area of 3,800 square meters and a total of 1,380 shops. The goal is to create a first-class international trade platform for underwear and socks in China. Wufu Underwear City has gathered more than 1,000 manufacturers' brands.

Wufu Underwear City is the eighth large-scale professional market invested and developed by Guangzhou Wufu Investment Development Co., Ltd. The company belongs to the Wang family of Weng family, has strong capital and has 12 years of successful operating experience. Wufu Underwear Wholesale Plaza relies on the geographical advantages of Guangzhou International Trade Base, and strives to build Wufu Underwear City, a trade platform for international and domestic brands.

Address: 499-523, Sanyuanli Avenue, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Gaodi Street Underwear Wholesale Street

Guangzhou Gaudi Street Underwear Wholesale

Gaud Street once dominated the country's clothing wholesale market, and even more, "if you don't go to Gaud Street in Guangzhou, you have never visited Guangzhou." Although today's Gaudi Street is not as prestigious as before, but with the accumulation of time and its status in people's hearts, Gaudi Street still has a good reputation in the Guangzhou clothing market.

Today Gaudi Street has become a "underwear street" in the true sense. Almost all shops are in wholesale underwear, swimwear, Gaudi Street has attracted wholesalers from across the country to buy. Gaud Street Underwear Wholesale Market has many types of underwear and cheap prices. It is only about 100 meters away from the prosperous Beijing Road Pedestrian Street.

Address: Gaodi Street, Beijing Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Recommended Brands for Underwear Wholesalers

China Underwear Network has also selected some underwear brands for friends who are interested in the Guangzhou Underwear Wholesale Market. These brands have a distinctive style, a clear market positioning and affordable prices. I believe underwear wholesalers will like it.

Han Lier underwear brand

5G Health Anti-Breast Cancer Underwear is a unique patented product of the Han Lier underwear brand, enjoys national protection, and is loved by female friends, with a vast market. Hanlier underwear brand's national investment joining activities are in full swing.

Fenton home service brand

Fenton is one of the top ten home clothing brands in China and the leading brand of domestic clothing and home clothing. In the research and development and design of fabrics, Fenton's home clothing is always at the leading level. Every year, new products of Fenton's home clothing can lead the fashion trend of home clothing.

Korean paris show underwear brand

Paris Show Underwear is an underwear brand co-founded by Chinese underwear companies and Korean underwear companies. It aims to bring the most fashionable Korean-style underwear products to urban women, and is the first brand of urban white-collar workers.

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Here China Underwear Network introduces you to the three major Guangzhou underwear wholesale markets, and also recommends some underwear brands to the underwear wholesalers. They hope to be useful to friends who care about the underwear industry, and also hope that friends can continue to pay attention to Chinese underwear network.

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