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What are the Beijing underwear wholesale markets
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What are the Beijing underwear wholesale markets

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What are the Beijing underwear wholesale markets? Of course, if you want to do underwear business in Beijing, you must first figure out this problem. There are three major underwear wholesale markets in Beijing. They are Tianyi Market, Dahongmen Wholesale Market and Bairong World Trade Mall.

Most of these underwear wholesale markets rely on large-scale clothing wholesale markets or business markets, some of which are large in scale, some are highly specialized, and some have a long history. In short, they are all places that Beijing underwear dealers love.

At the same time, China Underwear Network will also introduce some good underwear brands, if you are interested in joining the underwear may wish to learn about these underwear brands.

The most professional-Tianyi market

Providence Market

Tianyi Market was established on November 18, 1992, and is located on the west side of Fuchengmen overpass in the bustling area of Xicheng. The business area is 11,000 square meters, and the first floor and the first to sixth floors are the business floors. There are a total of 20 business halls. There are nearly 10,000 kinds of products in each category.

The third floor is mainly engaged in knitted underwear, outerwear, shirts, ties, bras, panties, and bedding. It is the dominant commodity in the Tianyi market and the largest wholesale market for knitted underwear in Beijing.

Address: No. 259 Fuchengmenwai Avenue

Largest scale-Bairong World Trade Mall

Bairong World Trade Mall

Bairong World Trade Mall opened in April 2004 with a construction area of 700,000 square meters. It is a super large-scale wholesale market mainly engaged in clothing and small commodities. It is also the largest modern commodity trading center in Asia. Trading commodities include: domestic and foreign clothing and accessories, footwear, leather goods and bags, children's clothing and children's toys, sports and office supplies, daily necessities, and more than 100,000 varieties of goods. It is the country's most promising commodity wholesale transaction and Brand Promotion Center.

Address: 101 Yongdingmenwai Street, Fengtai District (north-west corner of Muhuayuan, South Third Ring Road)

The longest history-Dahongmen clothing wholesale market

Dahongmen Clothing Wholesale Market

After more than 20 years of development, a clothing street once known for its low-cost clothing has now developed into the largest clothing distribution center in northern China, Dahongmen Clothing Wholesale Market.

Dahongmen Garment Trade City is located on the long axis of the capital city-South Central Axis Road, starting from the Muhua Garden of the South Third Ring Road in the north and to the north bank of Liangshui River in the south. In the entire commercial area, there are 24 integrated markets such as apparel, textiles, shoes and hats, with more than 7,000 merchants of various types, with a total business area of 240,000 square meters. It is the largest clothing distribution market in the north of the Yangtze River in China. After years of market construction, Dahongmen Clothing Trade City has formed a commodity circulation market system that mainly focuses on wholesale circulation, which drives production and sales, and forms a larger Dahongmen clothing business circle.

Dahongmen Clothing Trade City has been specialized in the construction of garment sales channels for 10 years. It is recognized as the strongest clothing wholesale distribution center in the north, and is also a typical example of the development of a standardized wholesale economy in the business model of clothing wholesale.

Address: No. 15 Nanyuan Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

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You who pay attention to the Beijing underwear wholesale market may also pay attention to the joining of underwear brands. China Underwear Network selects 3 underwear brands for you here. They all have their own distinctive features and operating models, and have gained a good reputation in the market.

Lady underwear brand

Mrs. Gui is a well-known trademark in Guangdong Province. Her underwear products have quality guarantee from design to production, and she is a trusted brand.

Lirendao underwear brand

The Shenzhen Lirendao underwear brand has swept the country with a 19 yuan parity underwear chain business model. Its unique and innovative operating model has injected new vitality into the underwear market.

Suermei natural fiber underwear brand

Suermei natural fiber underwear uses natural plants in nature as raw materials for producing underwear, is very skin-friendly, is especially suitable for female friends, and is also a hot spot for investment in the current market.

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