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What fabric is good for thermal underwear
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What fabric is good for thermal underwear

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Thermal underwear is the first choice for many people for winter. Everyone pays more and more attention to thermal underwear fabrics. According to the new standard of "knit thermal underwear", the thermal insulation rate of thermal underwear must reach more than 30%. If the thermal insulation rate is low Less than 30% are unqualified products. In addition, the air permeability and moisture permeability must also meet the standards.

However, various “card”, far-infrared, and nano thermal underwear on the market are also dazzling. What kind of thermal protection fabric is the best for the human body? What are the choices of thermal underwear fabrics? How to choose the thermal underwear that suits you? Not suitable for wearing thermal underwear, Xiaobian of China underwear net is here to give a big summary.

What are the thermal underwear fabrics

Among the fabrics used for thermal underwear, traditional materials such as cashmere, wool, and cotton have relatively good thermal insulation performance, and have been widely recognized by people. The elderly and children should pay more attention to warmth and comfort when choosing, and it is appropriate to choose thermal underwear made of cotton, wool fleece, camel fleece and other materials. There are also some thermal underwear that contain silk, but silk needs to be blended with other fabrics, otherwise it will not have a warm function. Some three-layer thermal cotton thermal underwear, the inner layer and the outer layer are made of cotton, the middle layer is made of chemical fiber material, and the thermal insulation effect is good, but the ventilation performance is poor, it is not enough to shape the body, and is more suitable for the elderly.

Han Lier thermal underwear

Picture from Han Lier brand thermal underwear

High-tech thermal underwear fabric literacy

Recently, thermal underwear has played with high technology, and some thermal underwear containing "cards" have sold for high prices. In fact, the material of thermal underwear is nothing more than three categories of natural fiber, synthetic fiber and artificial fiber. Those "cards" are just conceptual aliases for fabrics. For example, "warm card" and "thermal card" are actually acrylic, "magic card" is elastic spandex, "Sevica" is polyester, and "lycra" is the brand name of the product of the man-made elastic fiber "spandex".

There are also thermal underwear under the banner of far infrared and nano. Experts said that the identification of nano products is a very complicated test. It depends on whether the particle size of the material is less than 100 nanometers, and whether the optical, electrical, and mechanical properties of the material have nanometer characteristics. It is doubtful whether all of the nano-flag underwear have passed this strict identification.

Because any substance, including the human body, has the ability to scatter far-infrared rays, it is difficult to find a precise basis as to whether the thermal insulation effect of a piece of underwear originates from the effect of far-infrared. Make an appraisal.

Romantic spring brand thermal underwear set

Picture from romantic spring brand thermal underwear set

How to choose thermal underwear

The weather is getting colder, the temperature is getting lower, and thermal underwear is becoming more and more popular. In the face of the endless stream of thermal underwear under the guise of "high technology", how should consumers choose?

First of all, look at the thermal underwear fabric. The thermal underwear using cotton fabrics on the inner and outer layers is the best, because its cotton underwear has better softness, breathability, and gloss, and it is lint-free. Some high-quality thermal underwear uses ultra-fine fibers in the middle insulation layer. It is soft and free of foreign matter when it is pinched by hands. However, the inner lining of some thermal underwear is a PVC plastic film. If you rub your hands gently, you need to pay attention. In addition, thermal underwear is elastic. At the time of purchase, you can stretch to try the recovery of underwear. High-quality thermal underwear has excellent stretch and recovery, and it is not easy to shrink. It can be washed repeatedly without deformation.

Taiwan SWEAR brand thermal underwear

Picture from SWEAR brand thermal underwear in Taiwan

Xiaobian recommends thermal underwear brands

Xinzifang thermal underwear

Aidi thermal underwear

Aidi is the first nursing underwear brand in China. Its original underwear A + standard raises the safety level of underwear from the "Class B" required by the country to the "Class A" of infant standards. Love Emperor uses Modal from European beech as raw material, cashmere made from alpine goats, tencel refined with 100% eucalyptus pulp, and bamboo fiber with natural natural bamboo to bring a new experience to the skin. Aidi's unique fabric weak acid treatment technology allows clothing to have a weak acid environment with PH5.5, which is also a major feature of the Aidi brand.

Xinzifang Lam fabric thermal underwear

Xinzifang Lam fabric thermal underwear

Xinzifang thermal underwear Perl series uses salad fabrics containing ultra-fine ceramics to increase the performance of the fabric while keeping warm, so that the service life of underwear will not be reduced by washing; as an underwear brand designed for fashionable women friends, Xin Zifang has also worked a lot on the design of thermal underwear. For example, this Pearl series thermal underwear, the lace neckline decorated with delicate embroidery makes women like it!

Golden Sanda Bamboo Fiber and Silk Fabric Thermal Underwear

Golden Sanda Bamboo Fiber and Silk Fabric Thermal Underwear

The blended fabric of bamboo fiber and mulberry silk creates this outstanding Jin Santa brand thermal underwear. Jin Santa brand, focusing on silk for 86 years, the high-end and nobleness of this thermal underwear fabric makes it soft and smooth, absorb moisture and keep warm, and play a role in bacteria and bacteriostasis. It is a boutique in thermal underwear. In addition to the fabric, the Golden Three Towers also spent a lot of thought on the design. The embellishment of lace and bag buckle more embodies the noble elegance of the woman.

Attention to wearing thermal underwear

1. People who love to sweat should wear less. Thermal underwear's strong heat is difficult to emit. Urea and salts in sweat will adhere to the body surface and underwear. If it is not cleaned in time, it may cause skin irritation, itching, and even dermatitis and eczema.

2, dry skin, dandruff patients should wear less. At present, various new types of chemical fiber thermal underwear are very popular, but patients with dry skin and dandruff are better to choose cotton fabrics, or wear moisturizers and then wear thermal underwear, and change and wash frequently to reduce germs, Harm to the human body caused by static electricity.

3. Patients with allergic rhinitis and asthma. In order to make clothes dye and make clothes soft and comfortable, thermal underwear usually contains formaldehyde, a common auxiliary in textiles. If the content exceeds the standard, part of the free formaldehyde can invade the human body through the skin or the respiratory tract and induce respiratory diseases. So friends with the above medical history, please purchase with caution. In addition, new clothes should be washed thoroughly before wearing to remove most formaldehyde remaining in the fabric.

4. Malignant tumors and cardiovascular insufficiency. Far-infrared thermal underwear is popular today, and not everyone is suitable for infrared treatment. Experts point out that infrared is mainly used for analgesia and improvement of local blood circulation in medicine. If you have malignant tumors, cardiovascular insufficiency, bleeding tendency and new scars, you should wear or prohibit infrared thermal underwear. .

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When choosing thermal underwear, consumers must weigh a bit, try elasticity, and see if the thermal underwear fabric is soft and comfortable. It is necessary to brighten the eyes of those who play high-tech thermal underwear. Finally, it is best to buy thermal underwear. Go to a brand-name store with exclusive word of mouth, because this will guarantee the quality and after-sales service.

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