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Underwear protects your pretty flower buds
Label: Underwear is to protect your flower buds

Underwear protects your pretty flower buds

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Underwear refers to clothing that is worn closely, including vests, undershirts, shorts, and bras. Underwear refers to clothes worn in other clothing, usually in direct contact with the skin, and is one of the indispensable clothing for modern people. Underwear has the effect of absorbing sweat, correcting shape, supporting the body, keeping warm, and being free from the hazards of body contamination, and is sometimes regarded as sexuality.

Women who love beauty choose colorful bras as a combination of clothing, but ignore its material, function and comfort. How to wear underwear will not be guilty of the body, how to wear is the healthiest, and how to buy and Maintenance is the most appropriate, let's follow the underwear network editor to learn more about it.

Understand the harm caused by the classification of underwear

For modern women, the bra is not only a simple function of adjusting the chest, but also a symbol of one's life taste and emotional appeal. The original bra was only used to cover the body. As the society changed, the underwear also changed. Therefore, various body shaping underwears have come out one after another. The following editors classify bras as: 1 underwire bra, underwire underwear It has a good gathering effect, but it also rubs the body side to make the skin red. 2 Thickened bras, flat-breasted girls usually choose thickened bras. This way, they will make their breasts bigger than usual. The chest cannot breathe, and the breathability becomes poor. 3 Body sculpting bras, body sculpting bras can make your body better, but long-term such tight wrapping will cause breast pain. 4 massage bead bra, this kind of underwear adds massage beads, to achieve the effect of breast enhancement through massage, if too many massage beads, it is very easy to cause local compression, thereby affecting the blood and blood ring.

The cause of physical illness is related to how you wear underwear

In order to pursue their own perfection, modern women make their bodies more beautiful. There is nothing wrong with wearing beautiful underwear, but do not neglect the comfort of underwear. Too tight and impermeable underwear will not only hinder the development of the body, In addition, it will cause a variety of diseases, such as mastitis, cervical spondylosis, cardiopulmonary and other related diseases. Only if you find underwear suitable for you.

How to wear underwear to health science

Seven steps to wearing a bra correctly:

Step 1: Tilt your upper body forward 45 degrees and let your chest enter the cup.

Step 2: Hold the side of the bra with both hands and slide the buckle behind you.

Step 3: Adjust the nipple position to the tip of the cup. (It's very important, depending on whether the underwear is European or Asian design, the position of the tip should be determined. If you do not pay attention to this for a long time, it may cause breast deformation or even nipple depression.

Step 4: Stand straight and adjust again, and dial the exposed muscles into the bra.

Step 5: Adjust the shoulder strap with both hands, leaving one finger wide.

Step 6: Straighten the side edges without wrinkles.

Step 7: Do a general check to see if there is paramilk under the armpits and whether the back is hanging upwards.

The choice of underwear is important

Young women: mainly focus on whether underwear can really help "body"

Young women after pregnancy: wear a wide-band elasticated bra

Maternity one month after giving birth: Vest bras should be worn

After the child is full moon, it should be changed to a wide-back bra, and it should be noted whether the underwear has a correction function for postpartum body shape changes;

Middle-aged and elderly women: Due to their age, their health should be given top priority. Pay attention to the fact that underwear is “retouching” while considering whether it can really help health.

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Many beauty-loving women choose colorful bras to match their clothing, but ignore its material, function and comfort. In this trend of visual hedonism, we need to maintain rationality and choose a bra that suits us in order to keep ourselves healthier and more beautiful.

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