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  • Send her lingerie for Valentine's Day 2013
    January 25, 2013

    2013情人节送她内衣 [Fashion] 2013 Valentine's Day to send her underwear

    情人节送什么礼物,情人节送内衣 Label Valentine's Day Gifts, Valentine's Day Underwear

    If you have n’t figured out what Valentine ’s day gift, you might as well send a pair of practical, romantic and warm underwear, and this kind of private gift is the best for her favorite.

  • Walk into the backstage of the Victoria lingerie show
    December 20, 2012

    走进维多利亚内衣秀的后台 [Fashion] Backstage of Victoria Underwear Show

    维多利亚内衣秀后台,维多利亚内衣秀花絮 LabelsVictoria Lingerie Show Backstage, Victoria Lingerie Show Trivia

    The 2012 Victoria's Secret Underwear Show was held in November and was broadcast on CBS on December 4. Everyone may have watched the live show through the Internet, but today we use another perspective to take you to the backstage. This topic will show you the backstage secrets you can't see.

  • Underwear protects your pretty flower buds
    November 30, 2012

    内衣是保护你俏丽的花蕾 [Fashion] Underwear is to protect your pretty flower buds

    内衣是保护你的花蕾 Label underwear is to protect your flower buds

    For modern women, the bra is not only a simple function of adjusting the chest, but also a symbol of one's life taste and emotional appeal. The original bra was only used to cover the body. As the society changed, the underwear also changed.

  • Appreciation of Orinon underwear
    November 08, 2012

    奥丽侬平装内衣美图赏析 [Fashion] Appreciation of Orinon paperback underwear

    奥丽侬平装内衣 Label Orinon Paperback Underwear

    Orinon underwear is well-known in the industry for producing fine products, giving the impression of elegance. Today, I will take you to appreciate Orinon's fine underwear. The fine-texture products of a delicate underwear brand will make you feel. I believe that whether you are an underwear franchisee or an underwear brand manufacturer are very interested, let ’s enjoy it together. Right.

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