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2013中针会动态] [ 2013 Chinese Needle Club News ]

  • Superior quality leads fashion
  • Fashion controls the future
  • Bring love home
  • Zhejiang famous brand Maya Chudan thermal underwear debut at the 2013 Needle Conference /
  • Eye-catching body painting
  • Not just attract
  • Exhibited at the 2013 Needle Fair
  • Kanglun brand self-cleaning underwear debut in 2013
  • Embrace romance and freedom
  • New products from the Bamboo Series
The fair has been successfully held for 94 sessions and is one of the oldest exhibitions. It has gradually expanded the range of exhibits from traditional knitted cotton products. Today, the needle fair has participated in thousands of companies including finished underwear. In March of each year, underwear brands from all over the country, underwear joining agents, department store buyers, overseas buyers, etc. gather in Shanghai to participate in the largest knitted cotton trade fair in China.
The influence of the Chinese Needle Association has affected the world, bringing together many well-known companies at home and abroad. Almost the largest knitted cotton companies in China are exhibitors, such as companies such as red beans with annual sales of billions of dollars. Hongdou has gradually expanded from the traditional cotton spinning products to the field of home life. At the 2012 exhibition, it showed the latest advantages of Hongdou products, the big red brand logo and the exquisite exhibition hall design.
Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, which is currently the largest exhibition hall in Shanghai. The exhibitions held here are the industry's top professional exhibitions. The new international exhibition center has a triangular structure with an extremely wide square in the middle, becoming an excellent platform for exhibiting brands. During the Needle Fair, there are many super-large print advertisements in the square. From here, you will always stare from time to time.
I don't know when, the needle will cause a wave of underwear companies to participate in the exhibition, not only traditional cotton underwear companies to participate in the exhibition, but also attracted sexy cats and other underwear brands including cat people. Therefore, the Needle Fair has far exceeded its original plan, and the lingerie and clothing fair was launched at the same time. As fashion underwear brands have participated in the exhibition, more and more underwear agents have joined Shanghai from the country.