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The ancient Chinese beautiful lingerie is full of tricks
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The ancient Chinese beautiful lingerie is full of tricks

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Women's underwear in the modern sense originated from the West, but ancient Chinese women had the habit of wearing underwear, and there are various underwear styles in different dynasties and generations. The most classic of ancient Chinese underwear should be regarded as the bellyband, which is also most commonly seen in TV dramas. Piece of female underclothing.

The ancient Chinese women's underwear is unique in the art of dress with its romantic feeling of "close-fitting clothes". It is a whisper in a woman's private space. She is shy and restrained and acts as a carrier of beauty and emotion. Once her mysterious veil is unveiled, the shape and shape modeling concept, vulgar color matching, infinite totem pattern, Unique creative skills, all revealing women's aspirations for life values, aesthetic tastes, emotional sustenance, and love sensing ...

About Ancient Chinese Women's Underwear

Chinese ancient women's underwear

In ancient China, women were more conservative, and ordinary women seldom had too much performance in wearing underwear, but more so for wearing comfort. In ancient China, the public welfare of textiles was very advanced. Chinese textile products were regarded as heavenly things by all countries in the world. They are extremely precious, but in historical data, there are few words about women's underwear.

If asked, what is the underwear of ancient Chinese women, I believe most people will say bellyband, so this is the information they get from the only TV theme. In fact, Chinese women had the habit of wearing underwear in the Han Dynasty, but at that time people did not call it underwear but became belly-holding or heart-clothing, and the bellyband was gradually widely worn after the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Women's underwear is a private dress in a specific time and space. It is more free, romantic and wise than other outfits restricted by the etiquette and law system. Whether it is a stunning Fenghua woman, a girl in a small Chinese style home, a jade girl, or a graceful and noble wife, she pays special attention to the privacy of underwear. Pursue personalized art on the platform.

Chinese ancient underwear decoration techniques

In terms of styling concepts, the ancient Chinese women's underwear emphasized the ingenious division between the square inches of the underwear to shape the self-cultivation. In the management of the style and structure, we pay attention to the different divisions and layouts of the planar form, and reflect the unique creative ideas in the square-shaped division of KitKat, achieving extraordinary peace, extraordinary peace, and vivid charm.

The Kitkat-inch Chinese ancient women's underwear system not only has the natural attributes that fit the human body, but also corresponds to the social attributes of custom etiquette. It contains a series of system features such as "customization by person", "determined by subject" and "customization by custom", which fully reflects the profound and profound mystery of the ancient Chinese women's underwear culture.

Development of ancient underwear

The color imagination clearly reflects the social culture and performance of the time from the shape design to a specific detail. It has both length, width, and width, and thickness and thickness changes in the rules of style art creation. There are two styles of ancient Chinese women's underwear: "back and front wrap" and "front chest monolithic", which are respectively "covering the chest and back" and "covering the breasts". From the current research, the styles include rectangle, square, rhombus, ruyi, fan, triangle, and imitating animals and plants.

There is a testable history of wearing underwear dating back to the Han Dynasty. The title at that time was "legitimate." "Blasphemy" means "light book, not solemn", so even if you wash it and leave it there, you cannot see it, otherwise it is very unsystematic. Especially for women's underwear, after washing, they should never be dried in places where outsiders may pass by. Da Fan's book describes a woman who exposed her underwear in front of a person.

In the "Dream of Red Mansions" You Sanjie drinking with Jia Zhen and Jia Yan, "Pussy loose hair, big red mule half-covered, exposed green on the chest, a trace of snow preserves. Green pants, red shoes, a pair Golden lotus is either cocked or swollen, and for half a while, the two pendants are like swings. " The image of a bad woman in the eyes of ancient Chinese suddenly appeared on paper.

The tube top underwear of the Song Dynasty has different names in various times in Chinese history: the underwear of the Han Dynasty was called "embracing the abdomen" and "heart clothes", the Wei and Jin Dynasties were called "two-dang", the Tang Dynasty was called "Xunzi", and the Song Dynasty was called In the Yuan Dynasty, it was called "hehuanjiao"; in the Ming Dynasty, it was called "the main waist"; in the Qing Dynasty, it was called "belly pockets". Later, it came to modern times, and it is the "little vest" that we still see today.

The ancient Chinese women's underwear art has extremely rich imagination in the creation of colors, which is reflected in the diversity of colors, the sharpness of regions, and the clever use of gold and silver. Li Yu, a great poet of the Ming Dynasty, vividly expressed the different aspects of people, colors, and inner clothing in "Xian Qing Ou Ji". "A wealthy home, where there are embroidered clothes of Jinyi, they can be served within, and the five colors are stunned, making one garment better than the other ..."

The color management of ancient Chinese women's underwear is characterized by the "strongly sensational contrast method" and the "gentle and subtle reconciliation method". The strong sensational contrast method such as red and green, blue and yellow has a strong contrast to create a contrast The intensity, and then the use of black and white, gold and silver interval placement has a rich effect.

The position of the noble sense of bellyband is also different in the color arrangement, including center style, corner style, scatter style, floor style, etc .; the gentle and implicit blending methods are similar and approximate, and the same color configuration passes different colors. The arrangement of area and orientation produces a warm and subtle, elegant and beautiful decoration effect. For example, a gradation of different shades of color is used to form a warm and tender effect.

The totem pattern of the ancient Chinese women's underwear is richer in subject matter, and displays various materials and elements such as landscapes, flowers, birds, clouds, mascots, immortals, myths, drama characters, and life characters in a small square. He advocates the cultural concepts of equality, harmony, and common roots of heaven, earth, and people, and reveals the aesthetic thoughts of expressing and expressing emotions on the body.

In the Qing Dynasty, the bellyband emphasized the depiction of the external appearance of natural scenery, such as peony and cloud pattern; it also emphasized the connotation and meaning expression of the imagery, such as "happy to the eyebrows" with magpies and plum blossoms. Pattern to harmonize;

The combination of animal and plant patterns with a sense of shape, such as "Lian (lotus) year is more than fish (fish)", "Three and multiple phases (multi-child, multi-life, multi-blessing)" are typical Chinese traditional lucky patterns Expressive representation on the platform. The totem charm in the ancient Chinese underwear art is not only simply reflected in the composition of each individual pattern, but also in the unique position of the pattern's management position and layout, full of endless romance.

The ancient Chinese women's underwear is also very artistic in creating garments. Its decorative methods include embroidery, inlaying, patching, patching and inlaying. On the manual acupuncture alone, it is important not to wrinkle, loose, tight, or crack. Pursue the appearance of flat clothes, straight, loose and soft. In the production of underwear, the charm of local embellishments is emphasized. For example, the connection part of the sling of the breast and the clothing piece is decorated with different disc flower pattern buckles to make it strange and touching. Some disc buckles are also inlaid with gold and silver threads. Looks exquisite.

The ancient Chinese women's underwear is a sentimental cultural history. It achieves the complementation of body and social expression, body and life value in the different geometrical segmentation of "only breast-covering breasts", and uses this platform to convey women's different times And cultural values, revealing the inner feelings.

Little knowledge of ancient Chinese women's underwear

1. The tube top is a kind of "chest coat" is the predecessor of "belly pockets". It began in the Southern and Northern Dynasties and was the name of underwear in the Tang and Song Dynasties. Fix the breasts.

Little knowledge of ancient Chinese women's underwear

2. The main waist is the underclothes of women in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. "Master" refers to the button-fastening style, usually the style worn by the maid, emphasizing embroidery decoration.

3. The top worn by the obscene woman, that is, the upper pocket of the bellyband, is named for the nature of taking it that cannot be easily expressed, and the shape is like today's undershirt.

Little knowledge of ancient Chinese women's underwear

4. The dudou is also called "doudu" with square or diamond-shaped pieces of clothing, which are plain and embroidered. It is closely guarded on the breast and abdomen, with belts around the neck, and left and right corners are equipped with straps. On the back, there are bags with or without bags. The bags usually contain medicines such as ginger and musk, which are used to treat abdominal cold, cold, and cold.

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Chinese women in ancient times were a conservative group, which can be seen from Chinese women's underwear dress. The ancient Chinese women's underwear has a history of thousands of years. From the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, although the span spans nearly two thousand years, the development of ancient Chinese women is still not obvious. Most of them are tube tops or bellybands. After modern times, under the influence of western women's underwear culture, Chinese women's underwear has undergone tremendous changes, and now Chinese women's underwear has kept pace with international underwear development.

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