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Underwear Culture Topics

  • The ancient Chinese beautiful lingerie is full of tricks
    December 24, 2012

    中国古代美女内衣花样百出 [Culture] Chinese ancient beauty underwear is full of tricks

    中国古代女子内衣 Labels Chinese ancient women's underwear

    In ancient times, the females of Chinese celebrities were conservative women, and there were few written records of female underwear in cultural archives. Ancient China was the most developed country in textile technology in the world. The styles of female underwear in different dynasties were different. Culture is also affected by this.

  • In-depth interpretation of the bra size chart
    September 29, 2012

    深入解读文胸尺码表 [Culture] In- depth interpretation of bra size table

    文胸尺码表,文胸尺寸 Tab bra size chart, bra size

    The bra size chart is an important reference for buying a bra. You can only buy a suitable bra according to your body shape according to the bra table code table. This topic will bring you a bra size chart, hoping to give you health and beauty.

  • "Underwear size chart" necessary for underwear shopping guide
    September 25, 2012

    内衣消费导购必备《内衣尺寸表》 [Culture] Essentials of Underwear Consumption Shopping Guide

    内衣尺寸表 Label underwear size chart

    Underwear size chart is an important reference for underwear purchase. Both consumers and shopping guides need to fully understand. Underwear size table is based on human height and weight, which has important reference significance.

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