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List of well-known girl bra underwear brands
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List of well-known girl bra underwear brands

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Girls in development are very confused about what kind of underwear to wear, with or without steel rims, sponges, how big a cup to wear, which brands of girls' underwear are better. Moms are also very concerned about their daughter's development, but it is not clear to mothers what kind of underwear to wear and how to wear it.

The following China Underwear Network will introduce to you two well-known girl bra underwear brands, in addition to humanized tailoring for adolescent girls, there are also fashionable and cute designs, they are SNOOPY and Hello Kitty. Although they all come from abroad and are named after famous cartoon images, each has its own unique style and characteristics and is welcomed by young girls.

SNOOPY girl underwear brand

SNOOPY Girls' Underwear Fair

Shanghai Zhenxin Clothing Co., Ltd. has obtained or obtained the production right and sales right of the famous American girl bra underwear brand SNOOPY in China. After more than ten years of hard work by Zhenxin, SNOOPY girl underwear has been recognized by the market and has become the mind of many girls First brand of teenage underwear.

SNOOPY girls underwear is targeted at girls aged 12-25. It is designed according to the first, second, and third stages of the girl's growth and development. Different stages have different styles and tailoring. For example, young girls at the growth stage, they have certain aesthetic abilities and love fashion, so SNOOPY will also strengthen the functional and ornamental design for this group, such as introducing concentrated styles.

In design, SNOOPY girl underwear will not be limited to the cartoon pattern of SNOOPY, but will be more integrated into the fashion trend, and it will show the youth, vitality and personality of the girl.

Comfort is first and foremost, SNOOPY has strict control on fabric selection, because Zhenxin always regards quality as the core competitiveness of the product. All SNOOPY brand underwear products have passed the eight major inspections, and the fabrics used are from factories in Taiwan to ensure the latest and best quality.

"The first brand of girl underwear" and "girl underwear experts" are the market's affirmation of SNOOPY, and owning a SNOOPY girl underwear has become the wish of many girls.

Hello Kitty girl underwear brand

Hello Kitty Sweet Dream Series Girls Underwear

Sanrio of Japan authorized the production and sale of Hello Kitty brand girl bras to Shanghai Jiayu Garment Co., Ltd. Hello Kitty, a cute kitten transformed into a pink girl underwear, came into close contact with Chinese girls.

The design of Hello Kitty's underwear especially emphasizes cuteness, sweetness and fantasy, in order to create a princess-like pink journey for girls, so that all girls can have a magnificent life journey.

The Hello Kitty girl underwear brand also designs different underwear series according to the three stages of girl growth. Sweetness and cuteness are the eternal theme of each series. Many girls have no resistance to the Hello Kitty girl underwear because they are too cute. So funny.

As a well-known girl's bra underwear brand, Hello Kitty has become popular all over the world, and it is blowing a pink whirlwind in China. Hello Kitty underwear is also specially created for Chinese adolescent girls, which is very popular among Chinese girls.

Precautions for girl bra selection:

Hello Kitty Girls Underwear Set

1. Girls' underwear should choose more cotton fabrics, because cotton fabrics have the least damage to the skin, and have the characteristics of breathability, the effect of moisture absorption and perspiration is also good, it is the girl's choice. It is best to go to a specialized brand girl bra underwear store to try on, so that the quality of the underwear is guaranteed. Finally, you must change and wash your underwear, especially your underwear, to keep it clean and dry.

2. Now the girls' bras sold on the market will be marked with size. Although the girls are in the developmental period, they also need to choose a suitable size bra, too loose and too tight are not conducive to breast development, and the girls need to measure the bust regularly and change the bra in time.

SNOOP girls underwear new spring and summer 2013

3. Girls in the developmental period should not be too fancy in choosing underwear styles. Most girls in this period are relatively shy and sensitive. If the underwear is exposed accidentally, it may bring some embarrassment to the children.

4. It is best to go to a specialized girl bra underwear store to try it on, so that the quality of the underwear is guaranteed. Finally, the underwear must be changed frequently and kept dry.

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SNOOPY and Hello Kitty strictly control the fabric, and the design is fashionable and cute. Due to the inherent advantages of well-known cartoon images, I believe that there will be more young girl underwear brands named after cartoon images in the future. We also look forward to China's own well-known girl underwear brand.

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