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Madden Maduo Bra Bra

Madden Maduo Bra Bra

product description:

Wow! From the side, it can still be so upright. Why can't I wear such an effect? Many women have such questions. In fact, this is not the reason, a high-quality bra, to maintain the chest is one of the most basic functions. This Madden Maduo bra bra, with a deep V chicken heart, 3/4 cup, pink body, it seems nothing special on the surface, but it can help you achieve a straight and moving.

Product name: Madden Maduo Bra Bra
Brand: Madden Maduo
Product Year: 2012
Suitable season: autumn and winter
Product Tag: Madden Maduo Upright Bra
Release time: 2012-12-17
Attention: 1682/12520
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Company Name: Aisini International Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0800-024241
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