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Orinon underwear 2013 spring and summer new ordering meeting

Label: Orinon underwear, spring and summer ordering timeRelease time: 2012-09-07 Browse: 12061
Year Season: Spring / Summer 2013 Organizer: Orinon (Group) Underwear Co., Ltd. Time: August 14, 2012-August 17, 2012 Hosting City: Foshan Address: Foshan, Guangdong Invite: Orinon Underwear Partners and media friends: 0757-8591 8888

Orinon underwear 2013 spring and summer ordering meeting

From August 14th to 17th, 2012, Orinon's 2013 Spring-Summer New Products Ordering Meeting and "Fortune Covenant" Brand Tour Promotion Conference were held in Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Wuhan. More than 900 people from Orinon Group Chairman He Bingxiang, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Huang Yan, Orinon partners from all over the country and many media friends came to the venue to witness the meeting.

Orinon underwear new show

Orinon and Crystal Secret's new spring and summer 2013 FASHION SHOW made a stunning appearance. The youthful rebellion and the natural transition of elegant literature and art brought a beautiful and unique visual feast to the audience. As a leader of second-tier underwear brands, Orinon always brings fresh highlights to the industry's fashion trends.

The product catwalk show fully demonstrated the strong research and development capabilities of the Orinon Group, especially the Seiya homewear brand officially unveiled at this ordering event, and it has attracted the attention of many customers. The employee modeling team of the Orinon Group is ingenious The floor display is different from the top of professional models. At the same time, it is close to the people, and it also attracts warm applause from customers on the spot.

Orinon wins the future with partners

At the subsequent brand promotion conference, Huang Yan, the deputy general manager of marketing of Orinon Group, delivered a strategic speech and solemnly launched the Group's "voyage plan" and "escort plan". Through professional and targeted guidance to customers, Multi-brand joint operations, improve brand image, provide customers with a better platform, help customers to reasonably combine specialized business districts, maximize the use of resources, increase the probability of customer survival, maintain reasonable inventory, and strive to spend five years Orinon has become a leader in the second and third tier markets of the underwear industry!

This meeting inherited the successful experience of the Oleon Group and added many fresh elements at the same time. The highlights were numerous and received the strong support and positive response of the elites in the industry. The results of on-site investment and ordering were fruitful, far exceeding the expected goals. This also fully reflects the continuous improvement and perfection of the Orinon Group's entrepreneurial spirit and its powerful strength! The Orinon Group will continue to use innovation, sincerity and win-win future with partners.