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Ribell Underwear 2013 Spring Summer Ordering Fair

Label: Ribell Underwear Release time: 2012-08-29 Browse: 13698
Year Season: Spring / Summer 2013 Organizer: Shenzhen Ribell Clothing Co., Ltd. Hosting time: August 29, 2012-August 29, 2012 Hosting city: Shenzhen Hosting address: Shenzhen Dameisha Seaview Hotel Invitation: Ribell Partners and industry contacts: 400-6900-316 0755-23901686

This time, La EIBELLE underwear launched the carousel, sweet candy house, fantasy jungle, paradise circus, single product pants. These five series, the designer uses simple and elegant style to set off the charming and charming playful design, printed with The pattern embellishes the unique fabric effect, and provides a variety of colors, patterns and styles according to the current trend characteristics.

Into La EIBELLE, this is a private space for young women and a warm shopping environment. It is a women's fashion life concept museum that aims to provide exquisite French-style service experience. Including fashion underwear, fashion home, fashion leisure and fashion accessories and other series, because of its romantic European design that meets the fashion needs of young women. Women can easily experience comfort, self-confidence, and freedom here, making shopping and consumption a new trend full of fun, and creating a rich and diverse "woman, life, concept" hall that is beautiful both inside and outside.

Shenzhen Ribell Clothing Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is an excellent international fashion brand operation team. La EIBELLE is committed to spreading the fashion attitude of “enjoying life”, enjoying fashion, enjoying sexy, enjoying laziness, and enjoying the atmosphere. In the world of La EIBELLE, fashion and sexy, confident and self-conscious, 慵Lazy but tasteful, this is unique to Ribell women.