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Company Name: Hongkong Ruoan Feier Investment Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Enterprise Industry: Underwear, Bra, Panties, Home Wear, Body Shaper
Main Products: Bra Underwear, Ladies Underwear, Body Lingerie, Yoga Wear
Enterprise website: http://www.rrfer.com
Phone: 0755-61679696
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Ruoran Feier underwear is a Hong Kong-made underwear brand under Shenzhen Longteng Fuguang Import and Export Trading Company. The main fashion underwear, personalized home service, exquisite women's products, covering clothing, accessories, luxury goods, to provide women with a one-stop fashion superior service for the pursuit of unique taste. The company strives for development by creativity, survival by quality, and is guided by market demand. With a strong brand image, it guides the trend of development and design capabilities, perfect brand management mode, efficient logistics and distribution, reasonable market prices, and wins consumers' Favor and trust ...

Ruo Ran may focus on adjustable underwear. If Fei's memory underwire adjustment underwear, the product design and production pay attention to a detail, the quality is also quite demanding perfection, such as insisting that each of its products require symmetry and delicate maintenance of delicate fabrics. The product breaks the shackles of traditional corset underwear on women's body, according to Asian body shape research. Based on engineering, mechanics, non-learning, medicine, and fat fluidity, a series of health-correcting underwears that fashion, healthy, comfortable, effective, and scientifically shape women's bodies have been developed, which has promoted the development of traditional body underwear and set off A new era of women's underwear boom. Healthy beauty is the symbol of modern women, making women healthy, happy and happy. While improving women's cultivation and quality of life, at the same time enjoying the happy, healthy and cheerful mood brought by this!

Creating a healthy and happy life for women is a permanent pursuit of Ruoer. To this end, Ruoer Feier brand underwear grandly launched three major series of underwear: fashion functional, sexy, health-adjustable. Maintenance fashion functional underwear is made of functional underwear made of adjustable underwear. It is light and thin, suitable for maintaining body shape. For example, the body is in the maintenance period after adjustment, or you are more satisfied with your body. Shaped ladies wear; and sexy lingerie, which is mainly designed with oriental women's body shape, makes women wear more seductive; health-adjustable underwear has good elasticity and durability, can control and guide the direction of fat growth, grasp fat Of displacement.


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brand name Ruo Ran
main products Fashion lingerie, personalized home wear, exquisite women's products, covering clothing, accessories, luxury goods

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      Company Name: Hongkong Ruoan Feier Investment Enterprise Co., Ltd.
      Company Address: Baoan District, Shenzhen
      Postcode: 421000
      Phone: 0755-61679696
      Contact: Marketing Department
      Fax: 0755-61679696
      Enterprise official website: http://www.rrfer.com