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Company Name: Shanghai Di Sante Commercial Co., Ltd.
Enterprise Industry: Underwear, Swimwear
Main Products: Swimwear
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Phone: 021-62794499
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The ARENA brand was born in France in 1973. After more than 30 years of development, the ARENA swimwear series has become the favorite of the top players in the world. The famous world champion Matt Bion Di (United States) and Popov (Russia) have become ARENA's brand spokespersons, and have dressed in ARENA to achieve impressive results, attracting worldwide attention.

The creative, symbol of glory-three "fish scales" have been active in the world's swimming circles, and are remembered by people who love water sports such as swimming and surfing. Since the swimmers who wore Arena in the 1976 Montreal Olympics for the first time won 27 gold medals, more and more top players in the world have chosen to wear Arena to appear in various world-wide swimming venues, and have achieved It has won countless medals and set countless world records.


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      Company Name: Shanghai Di Sante Commercial Co., Ltd.
      Company address: Room 1401, New Hongqiao Center Building, 83 Loushanguan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
      Phone: 021-62794499
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      Fax: 021-62794499
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