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Company Name: Zhongshan Feitu Clothing Co., Ltd.
Business Industry: Underwear, Men's Underwear
Main Products: Men's Underwear, Men's Underwear
Brand: Z8
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Phone: 0760-22553898
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On December 30, 1991, the world ’s first box of underwear was born in Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong ... Since then, underwear produced by Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong has become a global underwear production base and a national underwear industry base. It has also become a global underwear guide. Standard: 15 years later, on December 30th, after two years of preparation, the international Kochi brand operating company, Zhongshan Feitu, was born ...

Z-8 "ZIPPYEIGHT" originated from the romantic capital of Paris, France. 39 years of history has become the dazzling pearl of the Milan Men's Underwear Fashion Show and led the global underwear home trend. The first underwear company in the national underwear industry base died with government support First introduced the international high-tech strong brand, became the leader of the industrial base, filled the gap of the high-end underwear market for the base and the domestic market, and contributed a force to build a strong global underwear industry base

Product Prospects ———— In today's economic globalization, all walks of life are subject to the monopoly and impulse of foreign investment. Only panties have become a strong industry in our country, because 70% of the world's underwear comes from Guangdong, China, and Guangdong's underwear 70% comes from Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong. The high-end market is almost vacant. Only a few brands that rely on OEM processing are rolling on the market. The domestic market is increasing rapidly at a rate of 20% each year and has great room for development.

-The first underwear company in the National Underwear Industry Base first introduced strong international brands in Kochi with the support of the government, becoming a leader in the industrial base, filling the gap in the high-end underwear market for the base and the domestic market, and creating a strong global underwear The pants industry base contributes a bit of strength, and this is ------ Zhongshan Feitu.

Joining with no risk——After being audited, Z-8 successfully became the first batch of Z-8's first agents and distributors to be free of joining fee, security deposit, 100% exchange rate, preferential purchase discount, free online promotion expenses.

You can have a strong brand-as long as you log in to our website and meet the requirements of the form and fill in or return or mail to our company, you can have a personal strong brand belonging to the regional network. Other jobs and your entrepreneurial dreams are for me. You plan to serve you



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brand name Z8
main products Men's underwear, men's underwear

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      Company Name: Zhongshan Feitu Clothing Co., Ltd.
      Address of Company: No. 83, Xicheng Road, West District, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
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      Phone: 0760-22553898
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