Foshan Sister Flower Underwear Co., Ltd.

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Company Name: Foshan Sister Flower Underwear Co., Ltd.
Enterprise Industry: Underwear, Bra, Panties, Home Wear, Body Lingerie, Pajamas
Main Products: Ladies' Underwear, Bras, Panties, Home Wear Pajamas
Brand: Sister Flower (Jemis)
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Phone: 0757-85753591 / 85756435/85794821
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Founded in 1999, Foshan Sister Flower Underwear Co., Ltd. is located in the birthplace of underwear culture-"China's underwear capital--Nanhai Yanbu". It is a company integrating product development, design, production and marketing. A modern large-scale underwear company with a production plant of over 10,000 square meters.

Adhering to the positioning of fashion, nature, comfort and elegance, combining with advanced production equipment from abroad, "Sister Flowers" has built a CNC CNC center, and used Japanese AGMS grading, marker-making, and board-making systems to meet the actual needs of different regions. Popular colors, exquisite craftsmanship, and superior materials are carefully created by professional designers and are committed to product diversification. The products currently on the market involve bras, panties, pajamas, home wear, erotic lingerie, thermal underwear, body shaping underwear, etc., and break through the boundaries of traditional underwear, successfully develop orthopedic bras, and have successively obtained "utility model patent certificates" and "appearances" Design patent certificate. "

The unremitting efforts of the sisters have been repeatedly rated as "China's high-quality products" and "Nationally Qualified Enterprises for Product Quality Supervision and Inspection" ... One after another remarkable achievements, showing that the society and consumers in general Our trust also spurs us to keep moving forward and surpassing.

At present, the sales network of Sister Flower's products spreads across major cities across the country, with more than 2,200 specialty stores. The company has a professional, sound, large, dedicated business elite team, and continues the lofty philosophy of "customer-oriented, service-oriented".

Highest is our character, sincerity is our price, and nobleness is our style. The future sister flower, because of your trust and support, we will continue to carry out the beauty to the end.



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brand name Sister flower
main products Women's underwear

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    Company Name: Foshan Sister Flower Underwear Co., Ltd.
    Address of Company: Fenghua Building, Liangui Road, Yanbu, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
    Postcode: 528247
    Phone: 0757-85753591 / 85756435/85794821
    Contact: Marketing Department
    Fax: 0757-85776253
    Enterprise official website: