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Company Name: Foshan Zunmei Clothing Co., Ltd.
Enterprise industry: underwear, body underwear
Main Products: Bras, Panties, Tights, Swimwear, Pajamas, Home Wear
Brand: Zoomour
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Phone: 0757-63362662
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Foshan Zunmei Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 in Yanbu, Nanhai, the capital of Chinese underwear. It is a comprehensive company integrating scientific research, design, production, marketing and trade. Its strength is strong and its products are exported to mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other more than 20 countries and regions, with advanced production equipment, exquisite production technology, fashionable design style, good staff quality, excellent production environment, won the unanimous trust and praise of cooperative businessmen, And then reputable in the industry.

In order to make the product more suitable for the body characteristics, skin color, and aesthetics of Oriental women, Zunmei adheres to the supreme pursuit of “shaping female curves and creating feminine charm”, insists on integrating technology and health into fashion, and constantly researches and innovates. Over the past ten years, through the continuous exploration and training of the market, nearly 10,000 women in different regions and different age groups have been successfully measured, and a database of female body shapes with data of several million has been established. Underwear version structure.

Foshan Zunmei Clothing Co., Ltd. has created a “Zunmei” underwear brand specifically for women, covering various fields such as bust, underwear, tights, swimwear, pajamas, and home wear. With its humanized design, novel color and high quality Functional fabrics and unique tailoring have been favored and respected by women in China.

Facing the future, Zunmei will, as always, take innovation and breakthroughs as the goal, continuously seek new highs in the garment industry, and adhere to the purpose of "quality-oriented, scientific management, and brand-name business" in order to integrate marketing communications, improve brand image, and promote underwear culture Business strategy of developing monopoly business, steadily expanding network, and realizing after-sales service, committed to creating beautiful and healthy fashion business for women.



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main products Bra, panties, tights, swimwear, pajamas, home service

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    Company Name: Foshan Zunmei Clothing Co., Ltd.
    Address of Company: Yingyong, Heyan Road, Suiyan Road, Yanbu Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
    Postcode: 528000
    Phone: 0757-63362662
    Contact: Miss Huang
    Fax: 0757-85726309
    Enterprise official website: