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Company Name: Foshan Xianzi Clothing Co., Ltd.
Enterprise Industry: Underwear, Sculpting Underwear
Main Products: Involved Adjustable Bras, Backs, Backs, Pants, Overalls, Thermal Underwear, etc.
Brand: QZY
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Phone: 0757-85728805
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Foshan Xianzi Garment Co., Ltd. is a modern comprehensive underwear company integrating independent product development, production, marketing and service. Its "Slim posture" health-adjustable underwear brand is positioned at the mid-to-high end. Its products include adjustable bras, good backs, beam pants, jumpsuits, and thermal underwear. Favorite for urban white-collar women.

The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, serves the future" and strictly adopts the latest standards of the international underwear industry for production and management. Through the comprehensive integration of the company's superior resources, with a high-quality, high-efficiency guiding ideology, it will provide a competitive advantage for corporate values and achieve sustainable and rapid development of the company.

The brand of "Xian Zi Zhe" takes "creating a perfect curve and caring for women's health" as its mission, and always adheres to the design concept of comfort and health. Regardless of research and development design, or selection of materials, we have always pursued fashion and elegance, paid more attention to comfort and health, and achieved perfect care for female bodies.

Looking forward to the future, Xianzhuang will continue to adhere to the brand line, market demand-oriented, customer satisfaction as its purpose, committed to creating first-class products, first-class service, establish first-class brand company development goals, and dedicate healthy beauty to women .


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brand name Slim posture
main products Adjustable bra, good back and back, gather pants, jumpsuit, thermal underwear


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      Company Name: Foshan Xianzi Clothing Co., Ltd.
      Company address: Xinde Industrial Zone, Hexi, Yanbu, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
      Postcode: 528000
      Phone: 0757-85728805
      Contact: Marketing Department
      Fax: 0757-85728807
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