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Company Name: Foshan Nanhai Baili Underwear Factory
Enterprise industry: underwear, body underwear
Main Products: Underwear, Bra, Panties, Body Underwear
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Phone: 0757-85728311
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The fiber silk Baili brand takes professional body shaping and body as the core. For many years in the body underwear industry with its strong economic strength, professional technical staff, excellent sales team, advanced management concepts, perfect education and training system and excellent after-sales The service system has established a good brand image.

In 1990, French caches.sarrautte invented a healthy corset based on the physiological characteristics of women. After many years of hard work, the market finally recognized a new generation of functional underwear and became popular in Europe and the United States. Our company's products in Europe, the United States and Japan Production and design essence, finally developed a number of high-tech achievements such as ergonomics, fat fluidity, etc. for the Chinese female body, combined with high-tech fabrics, modern popular elements, etc. Leading Chinese body underwear brand. At present, we have been the exclusive agent for laces and fabrics in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and other countries. The design team has also used its laces to win many international gold design awards for fabrics.

In the future, "Silicon Baili" will be based in China and go global.


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brand name Fiber silk berry
main products Underwear, bra, panties, body underwear

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      Company Name: Foshan Nanhai Baili Underwear Factory
      Company address: No. 1-3, Junya Plaza, Yanbu, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong
      Postcode: 528200
      Phone: 0757-85728311
      Contact: Marketing Department
      Fax: 0757-85728322
      Enterprise official website: