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Overview of Chaoyang Underwear Base
project data
Chaoyang Shantou City (County Level)
area 674 square kilometers
permanent residents 1.56 million
honor Underwear Capital
Underwear companies 2000
Underwear brand 100 or more
Practitioners 200,000 people
Annual output value 6 billion or more (estimated)
Domestic sales Over 60%
Local association Yanbu Underwear Association

About Chaoyang Underwear Base

Chaoyang and Chaonan in Shantou have the reputation of China ’s underwear capitals. The regions with the largest current output of clothing include the Chinese underwear town Gurao, the Chinese knitted underwear town Chendian, the Chinese home clothing town Xiashan, and the Chinese knitted town. In Ying, even the surrounding Yangang, Simapu, Heping, Tongyu, and Guiyu are very good. Shantou's underwear has the advantages of low price, flexible marketing, and complete industrial chain. It is said that the number of underwear companies currently exceeds 2,000. Such a large underwear cluster is a unique phenomenon in the world.

[Representative brand]

Although Shantou's underwear is cheap, it still has a lot of excellent underwear brands here. Such as Manifen, Qiulu, American Standard, Daly, Italy, Las Vegas, Xue Nifang, Fenfang Wang, Wankang, New Family, Xinshi Family, Xia Daifang, Ying Ying, Cai Ting, Mann A large number of well-known brands such as Butterfly Li, Hongziqing, June Rose, and Mulong Family have been said that the number of Chaoyang's brands is as diverse as the stars in the sky.

[Industrial Features]

This is also the most complete place in China for underwear. Gu Rao's bras, Chendian's bras, Simapu's pajamas, Xiashan's home clothes, Jigang's thermal underwear, and even Narita's socks, underwear near Puning (traditional Chaoshan).

The premise of industrial clusters is a complete set of facilities, which is also the region with the most complete industrial chain. Printing and dyeing, weaving, lace, shoulder straps, sponges, etc. are completely one-stop, and in some people's words, you can directly produce cotton to produce underwear. Every year when underwear is ready to order, agents from all over the country come in to participate in various order exhibitions. When you come to Chaoyang, you will be dizzy because of the overwhelming underwear advertisements on the roadside. Here, the underwear image advertisements and job advertisements on the roadside are like the ocean. You can also see the prosperity of the Chaoyang underwear industry.

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Chaoyang underwear representative company

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地址 电话 Business name address phone
广东省汕头市潮阳区谷饶华光工业区 0754-87626188\87626188 Shantou Shijia Industrial Co., Ltd. Gurao Huaguang Industrial Zone, Chaoyang District, Shantou, Guangdong 0754-87626188 \ 87626188
广东省汕头市潮南区谷饶东星工业区 0754-87612326 Shantou Shiji Mei Clothing Co., Ltd. Gurao Dongxing Industrial Zone, Chaonan District, Shantou, Guangdong 0754-87612326
广东省汕头市潮南区陈店溪北工业区 400-168-1388 Guangdong Caiting Underwear Industry Co., Ltd. 400-168-1388, Chendian Xibei Industrial Zone, Chaonan District, Shantou, Guangdong, China

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