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Homewear pajamas

  • Indiana

    Brand Features: Elite Home Furnishing Brand
    Main Products: Home Wear, Pajamas, Warm Set
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22551919 22551918
    Brand mission: to lead a healthy lifestyle, enhance a pleasant home experience, build an ideal quality life; assume social responsibility, advocate humanistic care, and promote social progress. The origin of the brand: Human civilization has been rolling forward with the wheel of history. In real life, people often find that they are gradually becoming estranged from nature, estranged from their loved ones, and their lives are gradually lacking. When the process of urbanization in exchange for more separation and alienation in home life, when working and living ... [detailed]
  • Xuexianli

    Brand Features: China Well-known Trademark
    Main Products: Home Service
    Consulting Tel: 0755-29585899
    This is an era of the birth of the middle class, embodying the possibilities of self-realization! This is another era of taste, people are entrusting their spiritual value with various materials as their carriers. Xuexianli pays attention to the higher pursuit of life quality of the public, insists that work is work, and life is the concept of life. With casual and noble design, people can fully experience the joy of life outside of work. Xuexianli brand is in China, Hongkong, France, Italy ... [Detail]
  • Rhyme

    Brand Features: Leading people to enjoy the modern lifestyle of "quality, taste, taste"
    Main Products: Two-piece suit, camisole, dressing gown, dress, vest shorts, vest trousers
    Consulting Tel: 0571-89176398
    Silk is a protein fiber, which has the characteristics of porosity, breathability, easy to dry, moisture absorption, and good heat dissipation. Silk fibroin contains more than a dozen amino acids required by the human body, which is especially beneficial to the skin and has the reputation of "the queen of fibers". Silk products are flat, spicy and non-toxic. And its breathable moisture, UV protection, moisturizing skin care, smooth and comfortable, can promote the vitality of the body's epidermal cells, promote cell metabolism, known as "the body's first ... [Detail]
  • Langsu

    Brand characteristics: Lu Yi and his wife endorsed high-end, low-end market coverage
    Main Products: Home Service
    Consulting Tel: 4006-000-202
    Langxu—NAINSOOK brand was founded in New York in 1999. The original intention was to make people's understanding of traditional home clothes a new change, so that home clothes not only wear comfortably but also reflect fashion. The brand's main series include fashion home series, leisure sports series, classic pajamas series, etc., mainly targeted at consumers aged 18-55. 2012 Longxu autumn and winter home service warm red, happy yellow, black and white and fresh green ... [Detail]
  • Melaleuca

    Brand characteristics: elegant, novel, fashionable, high quality
    Main Products: Pajamas
    Consulting Tel: 0754-87912333
    The "Meilaiya" and "Youbiyou" brand of Shantou Meilaier Garment Industry Co., Ltd. is a nightwear company integrating design, development, production and sales. Among them, "Melaya" is the major supermarket chains in the country, such as "Carrefour" and "RTM", and "Youbiyou" is the major specialty store. The company has more than 400 imported equipment (sets) and ... [Details]
  • red beans

    HO do
    red beans
    Brand Features: Top Ten Chinese Knitted Underwear Brands CCTV China Brand of the Year
    Main Products: Home Wear, Underwear, Thermal Underwear, Men's Underwear, Underwear, Women's Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0510-66868888-8261
    In the Hongdou Group, underwear production has a long history, and spinning and weaving began in 1957. Today, the company's leading product, "Red Bean" brand underwear, is a well-known trademark in China. It passed the ISO9002 quality management certification in 1997, and passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification in 2002. In 2010, after being researched by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, it was identified as a model enterprise for the implementation of the national trademark strategy. Red bean underwear relies on group excellent ... [Detail]
  • Omu

    Brand characteristics: comfortable, soft, breathable and smooth, low-key luxury
    Main Products: Home Wear, Underwear, Underwear, Beach Wear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-87718999
    In 2008, the company embarked on the road of diversified development, and introduced the concept underwear brand AOMU from the UK. Standardized, reasonable and effective management and services have made the company make great progress in all aspects. In the face of market demand at various levels, it has developed targeted underwear sets, home casual wear, underwear series, and bathroom towel products. . The products developed by Aumou are comfortable, soft, breathable and smooth, giving a low-key luxury fashion style ... [Details]
  • Rui Shi

    Rui Shi
    Brand characteristics: fashion, personality, first-class quality
    Main Products: Home Service
    Consulting Tel: 020—83067982
    Brand Story: On the right bank of the Seine in Paris, Rue St Honor`e is the hottest fashion gathering place in the world, and the boutique hotel Hote Costes is located in Rue St Honor`e. It has become a puddle of fashion hipsters for shopping, parties, and parties, and they often linger in this low-key and luxurious space. Here from time to time, the theme music created by Stephanc Pompougnac for Hote Costes is full of French poetry and infinite change, which is ... [detailed]
  • Gritten

    Brand features: elegant, stylish, comfortable and affordable
    Main Products: Fashion white tie, basic underwear, men's and women's underwear, yoga wear
    Consulting Tel: 020-85276699
    Brand declaration: British style clothing combining elegance and fashion serves the main consumer groups in China --- the rapidly growing middle class in China. Create a strong brand of Chinese underwear. Brand creativity: Elegance and fashion are cleverly combined. Brand core values: elegant, stylish, comfortable and affordable. Brand consumer group rest: the middle-class group of 24-45 years, has a certain cultural level, pays more attention to the cultural connotation of the product and the cost Fashionable but not chasing ... [detailed]
  • Tingyi

    Brand characteristics: comfortable, fun and sexy
    Main Products: Ladies' Underwear, Pajamas, Home Wear, Men's Underwear, Thermal Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0769-88882505
    Hong Kong Yiheng Garment Co., Ltd. was established in 1985. In 1998, it used its accumulated experience in designing and producing high-end underwear and technology to launch its own brand "Tani". Tingyi underwear integrates the concept of comfortable wear throughout design and production, and launches a new product line with the latest fabrics, latest designs and decoration in the second quarter of each year. Taking "comfort, fun and sexy" as "Tingyi ... [Details]
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