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Socks stockings brand


    Brand Features:
    Main Products: Cotton socks, socks
    Consulting Tel: 086-575-87780000
    Brand origin: In European heraldry, the lion, as the "king of beasts", became a popular animal coat of arms in the Middle Ages because it symbolized strength and courage. In the 12th century, the French achieved a successful Norman conquest, and also brought the original Norman area logo to England. The original Norman coat of arms originally had two lions. Later, in order to distinguish, the coat of arms of England added a name. The lion for Aquitaine constitutes the pattern of three lions. On the team logo ... [detailed]
  • Instory

    Brand characteristics: The History brand originates from South Korea, pursues individual fashion, leads the fashion trend, and is welcomed by urban fashion women.
    Main Products: Stockings
    Consulting Tel: 086-575-87780000
    Brand origin: Completed the growth process of young girls, started a new transformation of women's life, traveled to many fashion capitals, enjoyed the joy of being alone, looking at the bustling, and looking back, you see the history of the stern. Instory, from South Korea, fashion without borders, reflects your splendid life! Brand personality: Petty bourgeoisie: the spokesperson for petty bourgeoisie women, she leads the fashion trend, not sticking to the rules, unconventional, and seeking enjoyment. Personality: like adventure and excitement ... [detailed]
  • Male left female right
    Brand Features: Men's Left, Women's Right is a brand designed for fashionable young people. It is full of youth, fashion and personality.
    Main Products: Male Left Female Right Socks
    Consulting Tel: 086-575-87780000
    Brand Origin: No need to label gender, not belonging to any single camp, we are a new generation of multiculturalism, growing up in a fresh era of information explosion, need a voice to scream and to promote our life proposition . Set a banner for young people, male left female right, shout for this young age! Brand analysis: Brand name: Male left female right Brand concept: Representing the post-80s and post-90s life proposition Brand features: creative ideas change ... [detailed]
  • Kangi

    simple tree
    Brand characteristics: China's first brand of wood fiber ecological textiles
    Main Products: Fiber towel series, socks series, underwear and underwear series, bedding, baby products, T-shirts, pajamas, bathrobes
    Consulting Tel: 0731-88168989 88168877 88992895 88992896
    The company's brand "Jianmu" wood fiber products take "ecology and health" as the core requirement, using Australian fast-growing eucalyptus as the raw material, and crushing and cooking at high temperature into wood pulp to extract the fiber. After special technology and production process, the sugar and lipid content in the fiber Excluded, does not contain any chemically added ingredients, all indicators are implemented in accordance with international industry standards. When riding the wind and the waves, there are times when hanging on the clouds to sail the sea. In the future market tide, I ... [detailed]
  • Peach Lace
    Brand Features:
    Main Products: Women's Stockings
    Consulting Tel: 021-60838176
    In order to expand overseas markets, Mr. Xiao Junyan, Chairman of Tongquan Industrial Co., Ltd., has transformed the business of helping OEMs in the past to operate under their own brands and imported German-made netting warp knitting machines and computerized finishing machines ... And other types of equipment to produce all kinds of women's net socks. Initially produced sexy jumpsuits and net socks, named by her sister TOYLACE. Mr. Xiao Junyan named the Chinese language "Peachy Lace" in 2004. .. [detailed]
    Brand characteristics: superior quality, imported from Britain, fashionable
    Main Products: socks, stockings
    Consulting Tel: 0574-27887505
    The English Home brand originated from London, the capital of British fashion in the 1980s, and takes "high quality, comfort, and fashion" as its core direction. At the beginning of this century, the British House Co., Ltd. established the development of the ENGLISH HOME brand in Hong Kong, with a diversified business model. The main sales products are cotton socks, stockings, health socks and other socks. Consumers provide more comprehensive services. Hong Kong British ... [detailed]
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