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Body sculpting underwear brand

  • Ilan Fen

    Ilan Fen
    Brand Features:
    Main Products: Body underwear brand, underwear brand, bra underwear brand
    Consulting Tel: 0757-88561829
    ELEVEN, as the patron saint of women in Nordic mythology, is also called the god of beauty and happiness. It is responsible for the beauty, happiness and health of women, and is called the god of heaven in Nordic mythology. Legend has it that this goddess is the daughter of the gods ODIN and FRIGG. She is elegant, beautiful, and loved by the gods. Legend has it that as long as a woman prays to her for beautiful health and happiness and asks for blessings, she will quietly bless you and come to your side. So far, the Nordic home ... [detailed]
  • Respect

    Brand characteristics: shaping the female curve, creating female charm
    Main Products: Bras, Panties, Tights, Swimwear, Pajamas, Home Wear
    Consulting Tel: 0757-63362662
    Foshan Zunmei Clothing Co., Ltd. has created a “Zunmei” underwear brand specifically for women, covering various fields such as bust, underwear, tights, swimwear, pajamas, and home wear. With its humanized design, novel color and high quality Functional fabrics and unique tailoring have been favored and respected by women in China. Facing the future, Zunmei will continue to seek innovation and breakthroughs as the goal, and constantly seek new highs in the garment industry, and insist on & ldquo ... [Details]
  • Han Zhilian

    Han Zhilian
    Brand Features: Create an adjustable body underwear brand that allows women to have a healthy body shape
    Main Products: Body shaping underwear, Body underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0757-85700578
    Han Zhilian is a "Jin Family" that has passed through the century and developed into a company specializing in manufacturing health underwear in the 20th century. In 1958, the Kim family officially renamed "Kim" to "Korean Clothing Co., Ltd." and became the leading company in modern Korean textile manufacturing. In 1990, Mr. Kim Dae-hyun, the second-generation heir of the Korean King's Clothing Co., Ltd., in honor of his mother Han Huizhen, [ ... ]
  • Slim posture
    Brand Features: Create a perfect curve, care for women's health
    Main Products: Adjustable bra, good back and back, beam pants, jumpsuit, thermal underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0757-85728805
    The slim and elegant adjustment underwear originates from the noble classic underwear brand of the European royal family. Under the influence of red wine and champagne, in the collision of art and love, the underwear is inspired by sparks. The romance and amorousness peculiar to the European royal family have given women's bodies a rare sensuality and charm, which has overshadowed the world. Slender posture radiates the noble, elegant and fashionable glory of the European royal family, running all the way, from Europe to China, she sheds her precious footprint all the way. Slim posture brand ... [detailed]
  • Fiber silk berry
    Brand Features: Create Fast Fashion Functional Underwear Brands
    Main Products: Underwear, Bra, Panties, Body Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0757-85728311
    Brand positioning and planning: Brand positioning: to create a fast fashion functional underwear brand with a design style of "fashion, sexy European and American style". Consumer groups: All urban women who are beautiful and fashionable in the age of 25-35 Target customers: Modern urban women who are well-educated and have a personal taste and pursue individual independence. Target market: Focus on the body underwear market, with functional underwear as the main body, and extend to the sports and leisure body underwear market. Head ... [detailed]
  • Love

    Brand characteristics: "Xingmei" and "Shenmei" are manifested in underwear knitting design
    Main Products: Underwear, Bra, Panties, Body Underwear, Functional Body Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0757-85729068 85729060
    In a world full of love, there is a kind of magical plant "Ivy" (English name IVIES). Ivy has the symbolic meaning of joy and vitality. It also symbolizes immortal and eternal youth. Ivy --- friendship, marriage, and never separate. Ivy is a very beautiful evergreen vine, which indicates the longevity of youth. Therefore, it has a beautiful name, ivy, which is deeply loved by people. The sender of ivy represents the evergreen tree of friendship. ... [detailed]
  • Physical beauty
    Brand Features: Considering elegance as the eternal beauty pursued and respected
    Main Products: Bra, Panties, Body Shaper
    Consulting Tel: 0757-85702237 85702238
    At the same time that the beauty of the body provides high-quality products for women, it also conveys a sense of gratitude to consumers. Always uphold the business philosophy of "achieving maximum customer satisfaction". As a leading brand of women's underwear, for many years, the beauty of the body has spread and popularized a kind of underwear aesthetic culture and underwear knowledge, so that more women attach importance to the wearing of underwear—wearing the right underwear and the right underwear, rather than blindly Follow the trend. By ... [detailed]
  • Fenner

    Brand Features: Health • Correction
    Main Products: Bras, Underwear, Home Wear, Swimwear
    Consulting Tel: 0757-88567788
    Brand interpretation Brand positioning: Women's shape, health and correction Underwear brand proposition: Women's lifelong companion Product concept: Health • Correction product proposition: Fashion • Jane Europe Visual image: Romantic and fashionable Jane Europe Brand goal: To create a “modified underwear industry logo "Sex brand" corporate vision: to create an international century-old enterprise, to build an international century-old brand originated from European Mania Fenner in the mid-nineteenth century, [ ... ]
  • Mei Zhiting

    Mei Zhiting
    Brand Features: International supermodel Qi Qi endorses Canadian high-end shaping underwear brand
    Main Products: Body shaping underwear, Body underwear
    Consulting Tel: 020-87618813 87609239
    MAGIFIT is a high-end shaping underwear brand in Canada. It invites fashion superstar Qiqi as the image spokesperson. Meizhiting is a professional body underwear brand. Its products include bras, waist seals, plastic pants, and one-piece plastic clothes. The three-dimensional humanity is cut. The use of technical fabrics has resolved the shortcomings of tightness, strangulation and itching in ordinary shaping underwear. More comfortable and healthy. It is composed of dozens of world-famous underwear designers, medical doctors, beauty and body experts ... [Details]
  • Yan Yanli

    Yan Yanli
    Brand Features: Original fashion shaping designer brand
    Main Products: Body Underwear, Shaper Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0519-86975672
    Zi Yanlier, China's leading online original fashion shaping designer brand, upholds exquisite, elegant and fashionable brand temperament, selects the purest natural raw materials, uses the best manufacturing techniques, and launches a series of modern oriental women The 360-degree body shaping underwear product line with physical characteristics provides women with healthy, natural, comfortable and fashionable underwear products and services, and strives to achieve "giving each Chinese woman the greatest beauty and confidence ... [detailed]
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