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Sexy lingerie brand

  • Ibzan

    Brand characteristics: sexy, beautiful, different
    Main Products: sexy lingerie, ladies underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0086-10-65706075, 65705875, 67002212
    IBZAN ----- The most cutting-edge design from China's sexy fashion IBZAN ----- is one of the four famous brands owned by Bizan. IBZAN ----- The choice of intellectual men and women in fashion metropolis IBZAN ------ Designed for all modern men and women who love home, love life and know how to enjoy the quality of life. The men and women of IBZAN's followers, who are serious about their careers and love their families, only love IBZAN because IBZAN can become ... [Detail]
  • Mooney

    Brand characteristics: fun, fashion, high quality
    Main Products: Sexy lingerie, underwear, sauna club tooling, uniforms, etc.
    Consulting Tel: 027-88518663 027-88100923
    Moon Moon is a mid-to-high-end sexy lingerie brand full of mysterious temptation and romance. The design is based on Asian aesthetics, and it is positioned as "sexy, tasteful, elegant", and combines Japanese and Korean fashion trends as product development directions , New and diversified styles, colorful and rich colors, exquisite workmanship, styles and functions are constantly new. We not only incorporate fashion elements, but also fully consider the unique slim body shape of oriental women ... [Detail]
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