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Maternity underwear brand

  • Yiqi

    Brand Features: Maternity Underwear Expert
    Main Products: Maternity Underwear, Nursing Bra, Maternity Home Wear
    Consulting Tel: 0755-82432832
    As early as humans, pearls were discovered when primitive people searched for food along the coast and rivers. The pearls in the mother's warm body enjoy complete tolerance and nourishment. The mother-of-pearl puts on thousands of blood and tears, giving birth to dazzling treasures, as every life in this world has inherited this most unselfish love. With her life and great motherly love, mother-of-pearl created the most suitable habitat for her pearls in this world; each ... [detailed]
  • Pregnancy School
    Brand Features: The Beauty of Comfortable Lifestyle
    Main Products: Underwear for pregnant women, Radiation protection for pregnant women, Maternity wear
    Consulting Tel: 0531-55515026
    Wanzido, a leading brand of maternity wear in China, focuses on creating mid- to high-end fashion maternity wear. It is a comprehensive company that integrates design, production and sales of high-quality maternal fashion and baby products. The diversified channel format that co-exists with direct sales, franchising, and terminal channels has developed rapidly in China, and has grown into one of the largest, strongest, and most developmental potential pregnancy brands in China. From pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy, to create a diverse product line, with pregnant women's fashion ... [Detail]
  • Beautiful
    Brand characteristics: enjoyment, beauty, comfort
    Main Products: Pregnant women's bras, pregnant women's underwear, postpartum body shaping, home nursing clothing, pregnant women's warm clothing
    Consulting Tel: 0755-86031016
    “Quality comes from professionalism, science creates health, beauty comes from fashion” —concentration, professionalism, and concentration. “Pregnancy and beauty” embodies the people-oriented concept, fully considering the physiological changes and nursing needs of pregnant women before and after delivery. Maternity provides healthy, comfortable, fashionable and beautiful products, showing the self-confidence and nobility of "pregnancy is full, only me is beautiful". "Pregnant beautiful & ... [detailed]
  • Ocasan
    Brand Features: Hubei Famous Brand, Wuhan Famous Brand Product, National Famous Maternity Clothing Brand
    Main Products: Women's tops, pregnant women's pants, pregnant women's skirts, pregnant women's radiation protection clothing, pregnant women's underwear
    Consulting Tel: 027-83496667 027-83496665
    The company takes "Ocasan" brand high-end maternity clothing as its fist product, integrating pregnant women's tops, pregnant women's pants, pregnant women's skirts, pregnant women's radiation-proof clothing, and pregnant women's underwear. "Ocasan" series of maternity clothes enjoy a high reputation in the market. Ocasan maternity wear series has entered the top 20 maternity wear sales in the country, and won the "Hubei maternity wear best-selling products", "Hubei consumer trusted products ... [Detail]
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