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Men's underwear brand

  • Z8

    Brand Features: "Sunshine", "Fullness", "Dynamic", "Avant-garde", "Taste", "Health", "Power"
    Main Products: Men's Underwear, Men's Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22553898
    The birth of the Z-8 brand has a modern interpretation of its profound meaning. "Z-zippy" and "8-eight" --- contains the eight elements of dress culture "ZIPPY means vitality, Z-8 brings together the eight elements of vitality" sunshine "" full "" dynamic "" avant-garde "" taste "" Health "& ldqu ... [detailed]
  • Future appointment
    Brand characteristics: boutique underwear
    Main Products: Men's underwear, women's underwear, bra
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22125768
    Ankang Garment Factory was established in 2004 in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It is located in Xiaolan, Zhongshan, the birthplace of Chinese underwear culture. Sewing equipment, the design closely follows the fashion trend, advances with the times, leads the fashion, has the style. Dealers from all over the world are invited to join .... [Details]
  • Pull-in

    Brand characteristics: The latest technology fabrics and the most original designs create the most fashionable, comfortable and interesting underwear experience, and have been the pioneers of the underwear market.
    Main Products: Men's Underwear, Ladies Underwear, Swimwear
    Consulting Tel: 021-62330951-8031
    Pull-in products are suitable for men, women and children over 2 years of age. The overall printing design is both bright and powerful. The innovative use of high-quality fabrics and elastic waistbands makes Pull-in's products unparalleled. Products range from underwear (men's / women's underwear, leggings, socks) to swimwear (swimsuits, flip-flops, towels) and professional ski equipment (thermal underwear, ski underwear, ski caps, etc.), as well as everyday casual clothes, each Accessories and tannins and more. Every year ... [detailed]
  • Australian Sunshine
    Brand Features: Create a refined and exquisite inner life
    Main Products: Men's Underwear, Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22787911 22605611
    I. Brand positioning Brand concept: technology pioneering, design innovation, first-class quality! Brand spirit: integrity, professionalism, harmony, service! Brand values: creating a refined and exquisite inner life! Brand goal: to create taste, comfortable life, and create first-class underwear Fashion brand! Brand slogan: Quality, taste, sunny life! Second, brand introduction: Target consumer group: design style mainly in the 25-45 age, 30-35 age group of companies mainly senior white-collar workers ... [Detail ]
  • BVD

    Brand Features: BVD is a well-known men's underwear brand in the United States, and Japan's Fuji Textile Group represents the Asian region's sales right for the BVD brand.
    Main Products: Men's Underwear, Women's Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 021-64155692
    The BVD brand was born in 1876 and has a history of more than 100 years. The authoritative dictionary of the United States contains the meaning of BVD, "underwear, synonymous with underwear". Today BVD has 20 stores in China's key cities. BVD has always been advocating "unusual among ordinary" and "not easily deformed for long-term washing". BVD underwear with a long history is a gentleman ... [detailed]
  • King card
    Brand Features: Jinlaika high-end business underwear brand
    Main Products: Men's underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22234888
    Read a city with your heart ... Paris is undoubtedly a ray of coffee on the apex of coffee, the fragrance of coffee in the sunny place, the window light of the Champs Elyses, the French kiss when you indulge, and the river Seine The freedom of flying is always so romantic, so luxurious, elegant, and not overbearing. Brand positioning: Brand positioning High-quality men's fashion underwear shows the concept of high-quality life Interpretation of personality Self-pursuit highlights the wild modernity ... [Detail]
  • Wanshi cotton
    Brand Features: Quality Products
    Main Products: Men's Underwear, Men's Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22254567 22131611
  • Ninja

    Brand Features: 20 years of focus on men's underwear
    Main Products: Men's Underwear, Men's Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22279666
    Founded in 1991, the Ninja brand is a representative men's underwear brand in Xiaolan, Zhongshan, China's "underwear town." The product has been loved by consumers for over 10 years and has a high degree of loyalty. Ninja is a life of wisdom, born of loyalty, born of loyalty. Ninja is a legend in the world, a legend that as long as there is a real man in the world, a real man will be handed down forever. The ninja is a person who continuously cultivates and regards cultivation as the Tao. Tao only for real ... [detailed]
  • Athlete

    Brand characteristics: China's well-known trademark men's underwear representative brand
    Main Products: Men's underwear, men's underwear, socks
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22265001
    Jian Jiang, a well-known trademark in China, has 20 years of professional men's underwear production. According to ergonomics and years of research data, he has mastered the most suitable 3D stereotypes and platemaking technology for Chinese people. Special attention is paid to the design of the three-dimensional supporting force at the front and middle positions, so as to fully accommodate the key parts. In addition, superb three-dimensional cutting technology makes the wear more fit and comfortable. As an underwear brand known by many men, "Jian Jiang" blends Chinese men ... [Detail]
  • Tang slave
    Brand Features: Create easy, comfortable, three-dimensional personal protection
    Main Products: Men's Underwear, Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22558588
    Tang Nu is a men's underwear brand. Its design philosophy is to create a relaxed, comfortable and three-dimensional personal protection for men. Tang Nu means excellent quality and unlimited possibilities, reflecting the bold pursuit of elegant men's noble life; Without losing fashion taste, we pay attention to three-dimensional tailoring and emphasize detail design. Demonstrate the personality of the "real man, not the same" brand! ——True men, can't agree with! ... [detailed]
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