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  • Dai Qi

    Dai Qi
    Brand characteristics: Dai Qi's subsidiary is an international first-line brand underwear manufacturer. Dai Qi underwear has the most exquisite craftsmanship and very sweet style.
    Main Products: Ladies' Underwear, Bras, Panties, Home Wear Pajamas
    Consulting Tel: 0769-26990557
    Dongguan Fangye Textile Co., Ltd. is an international first-line brand underwear manufacturer. Depending on the company's experience, Daiqi brand underwear is excellent in both design and workmanship. Daiqi style combines fashion, sweetness and sexy. Its products Multi-use lace embellishment is very popular with fashionable female friends. ... [detailed]
  • Emmanuel

    Brand characteristics: Yimanli underwear brand is a well-known underwear brand of Guangdong Xinyi Underwear Group.
    Main Products: Ladies' Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0757-85795316 85775661
    "Imanli" underwear brand is the result of Xinyi's 20 years of well-known brand production experience and design and development results. With its fashionable styles, popular colors, superior materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and considerate service, "Yimanli" sells nationwide and has more than 800 terminal marketing outlets. "Imanli" headed all over the country with more vigorous steps, and walked into thousands of households, with "comfort and fashion ... [detailed]
  • Virginie

    Regina Miracle
    Brand Features: Relying on the company's strong production design, the newly launched Virginie underwear brand is at the forefront of fashion trends and is loved by friends from all walks of life.
    Main Products: Ladies' Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0755-29893282
    Since 2011, the company has combined continuous innovative forward-looking technology with unique and attractive design concepts, launched its own brand Regina Miracle, and opened stores in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. Welcome to experience what Regina Miracle brings to you Comfortable and innovative underwear. For Virginie, it is Virginie's Q, S, C & V that keeps us developing rapidly. "Q, S, C & V" means "QU ... [Details]
  • She loves

    She loves
    Brand Features: She loves women's underwear brand from Hong Kong with popular design, comfortable touch and exquisite workmanship.
    Main Products: Women's underwear
    Consulting Tel: 00852-36179157 / 8008579102
    Brand Vision: May the world ’s women bloom beautifully! Brand mission: Create perfection, let love pass the brand values: Pleasant, Pleasant, Pleasant, Pleasant Beauty Brand style: Beauty, Shu, Zun Brand continuous innovation in design and craftsmanship, with exquisite craftsmanship And perfect details lead the trend of interior fashion, reinterpreting the touch and nobility of lace, with smooth lines, prominent personality, simple and rich style, which can fully meet the inner needs of modern fashion and elegant women, and enhance the high ... [Detail]
  • Ivis

    Brand Features: Elegant and refined international famous Chinese brand
    Main Products: Ladies Bra, Ladies Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0755-88916088
    The Ivis brand targets its target consumer base to successful white-collar women. They firmly pursue eternal things, do not keep up with the trend, naturally exuding unique elegance and classic charm that will never fade, they are admirable; they taste the details, enjoy the exquisite life, the pearls and the pleasant fragrance , Exquisite underwear ... their exquisite appearance reveals their unremitting pursuit of texture; they are international modern women ... [detailed]
  • Violet

    Brand Features: Showing elegant feminine charm, mature and elegant women's choice
    Main Products: Bras, Home Wear
    Consulting Tel: 0757-85918888
    With its nobility and elegance as its core, Zilandi interprets the original design of oriental culture to discover beauty and create beauty for women, fully displaying the feminine charm of all kinds. She advocates the concept of comfortable and elegant quality of life, and has been providing high-quality underwear products for elegant women seeking perfection for many years. The main consumer groups of Zilandi are mature and elegant women who are pursuing perfection. They have a career like sun and sky, or high-ranking white-collar workers who admire everyone; they pay attention to the texture of clothing ... [detailed]
  • Funila

    Brand Features: Guangdong Province Brand Products Guangdong Famous Trademark
    Main Products: Bras, Panties, Home Wear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22121959 22243959
    Funila is an underwear brand from Xiaolan. It is a representative of Xiaolan underwear brand. It is a Guangdong brand product and a well-known trademark in Guangdong Province. Its main products include three series of home clothing, bras and panties with more than 1,000 varieties. Funilai integrates design and development, production, processing and sales management. After years of development, the marketing network has spread all over the country. The novel design, superior quality, and moderate price have won praise from consumers. ... [detailed]
  • VO

    Brand characteristics: Xiaolan well-known underwear brand
    Main Products: Men's underwear, women's underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22279666
    Three children walked along a sandy beach. They were side by side, holding hands. The sun's rays shone through the yellow desert. Clouds floated over, and the sea and sky were hazy ... This is a landscape, but also a mood. In constant exploration and thinking, people are always obsessed with the most cherished, concerned and possessed—nature—natural nature, human nature. A ray of lazy sunshine, a piece of ... [detailed]
  • Aisha

    Brand Features: Xiaolan underwear represents the brand
    Main Products: Women's underwear
    Consulting Tel: 0760-22265001
    Aisha and Jianjiang are both brands of Zhongshan Xiaolan Jinlong Garment. As a mass brand closest to Chinese women, Aisha respects the expression of comfort and value. It is free and free. It is a new life concept advocated by Aisha And attitude. Comfortable, relaxed, exquisite, casual life taste, showing the unique sexy and healthy vitality of fashionable women. The color is mainly pink, which exudes the feminine and delicate characteristics. Aisha wins with high quality products ... [detailed]
  • Yini

    Brand characteristics: China well-known trademark Yanbu well-known underwear brand
    Main Products: Bra Underwear, Home Wear, Sculpting Clothing, Swimwear
    Consulting Tel: 0757-85768888
    Yizini is an underwear brand from Yanbu, a famous underwear town in China. It is not only the representative of Yanbu underwear brand, but also a domestic sales manufacturer of Yanbu. As a subordinate brand of underwear manufacturers for nearly 30 years, Ezini has a leading edge in China's underwear industry, both in terms of market coverage and R & D, design and production. Inzini introduces Japan's most advanced automatic locomotive and AGMS grading, material-discharging, and boarding system, using Japanese high ... [Detail]
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