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Girl underwear brand

  • Disney

    Brand Features: Disney Entertainment Brands and Shanghai Three Guns
    Main Products: Girls' Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 021-58128888
    Disney and Three Shots join hands to create a blend of fashion, leisure, entertainment and traditional culture in the children's underwear world. I hope you and I will become friends in Disney World together. Disney's leisure and entertainment brands and Shanghai Sangun's professional strength in the knitting industry jointly create Disney children's underwear, which fills the vacancy of domestic high-end children's knitted underwear brands, which will definitely create extraordinary performance and actual benefits for the industry. Since the information was released to the society on August 23, 2005 ... [Details]
  • 柒 一 柒
    Brand Features: Healthy, Comfortable and Natural
    Main Products: underwear brand, bra underwear brand, girl underwear brand
    Consulting Tel: 020-87320719
    With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers have higher requirements for environmental protection and health. They not only need to wear warm clothes, but also need to wear well, wear healthy, and have good taste. Middle-aged women have a profound experience. Due to the age, they did not wear or even touch the underwear suitable for them in their youth. Due to the lack of protection awareness, embarrassing things often occur, leaving lifelong regrets. Based on this, 717 girls bust full ... [Detail]
  • Hello Kitty

    hello kitty
    Hello Kitty
    Brand Features: Representative of fashionable trendy girl underwear
    Main Products: Underwear, Bra, Panties, Girl's Underwear, Home Wear, Pajamas
    Consulting Tel: 021-33731741
    Hello Kitty, Japan's most famous cat, everyone must be very familiar and like it very much, but, you know? This is only a cute cartoon cat with big head, round eyes and squinting and cute, but in Born in London, England. On November 1, 1974, there was no mouth, a round face, a bow tie on the left ear, and a small tail of Hello Kitty was born. Hello Kitty live ... [detailed]
  • Yilanfen

    Brand characteristics: personal, comfortable, elegant and healthy
    Main Products: Girls' Underwear, Bras, Panties
    Consulting Tel: 0754-84471791
    Yilanfen is the first brand culture in China that advocates "caring for the health of young girls and loving angels" to meet the needs of girls in the season of health, comfort, innocence, intellectuality, liveliness, and fashion, and advocates healthy, confident, comfortable, and free fashion The concept of gentle life, with fresh and beautiful diversified design styles, romantic and cheerful design techniques, continues to lead and promote the Chinese girl's flower season life. After many years of development, & ld ... [detailed]
  • Y8

    Brand characteristics: fashion, generous, active
    Main Products: Ladies' Underwear, Lingerie Pajamas, Home Wear Pajamas, Bra Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 400-886-2738
    Brand positioning: 1. Industry position: China's top brand of college underwear 2. Market positioning: 1. Core market: college girls 2. Main market: urban fashion women 3. Auxiliary market: mature women 3. Price positioning: 15-128 Yuan four, core values: spread health, spread love. V. Brand Image: Beauty Messenger. 6. Communication theme: suitable and best! 7. Product style: fashion, generous, active 8. Brand composition: 1. Product: bra, underwear, home ... [Detail]
  • Snoopy

    Brand Features: Leading brand of girl underwear
    Main Products: Bras, Pants, Home Wear, Girls' Underwear
    Consulting Tel: 021-64659005 -210
    SNOOPY is a cartoon and comic image owned by United Business Enterprise United Pictures Enterprise Co., Ltd., has been born for 57 years, and is now popular all over the world. SNOOPY has also become a familiar name and is loved by everyone. It has evolved into various products appearing in our lives. In 2001, Shanghai Zhenxin Garment Co., Ltd. introduced this famous brand and launched SNOOPY girl clothing series .
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