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Brand Name: Ruo Ran Fei Er

English name: RUORANFEIER



Brand grade: low to medium
Main Products: Fashion underwear, personalized home service, exquisite women's products, covering clothing, accessories, luxury goods
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Phone: 0755-61679696
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      brand information

        brand history

        RUORANFEIER is translated into Chinese by Ruo Ran Feier. The brand is derived from ancient Greek mythology. It is a brand of Ruo Ran Feir (Hong Kong) Investment Industry Co., Ltd., and is exported to developed countries such as Western Europe, North America, and Japan. The shop has won unanimous praise from female friends. If Fir is romantic and sexy, she fits into the three-dimensional concentrated tailoring that is unique to Oriental women. A new style of European-style lingerie suitable for Chinese women.


        If Fir is mainly engaged in high-end adjustment underwear, hundreds of new models will be launched every year, leading the underwear fashion trend. In line with the purpose of health and beauty, a series of underwears with breast enhancement, thin waist, flat belly, hip-lifting, leg shaping, and spine protection are designed according to the body characteristics of oriental women. Makes the figure of the oriental woman shapely and has the unique beauty of the oriental woman. The best choice for various occasions and various styles of outerwear meets women's lifestyle of pursuing self and emphasizes the instinct of curvy body.

        Six major effects of adjustable underwear: breast enhancement, thin waist, flat belly, hip lift, leg molding, and spine protection.

        Functional characteristics of nickel-titanium memory alloy steel rims: Memory alloys are also nickel-titanium alloy materials, which are environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body, non-deformable, and the deformation amount is 8%, which is 8 times that of stainless steel. Soft at low temperatures and easy to scrub. When it reaches the temperature of the human body, it is rigid and strong, which plays the role of body shaping. In other words, the memory steel ring is soft when you are not wearing it, and it will not deform if you pinch it. The upper body wears a certain degree of hardness due to the transmission of temperature, which can play the role of body shaping and breast gathering.

        Nickel-titanium memory alloy rim underwear: 1. Lighter than ordinary steel; 2. Elastic and soft, without the squeeze of stainless steel underwear bra; 3. The main components of memory alloy are nickel and titanium, without iron; Alloy materials have biological forms (which can grow together through skeletal muscles). Fifth, it can effectively prevent various breast diseases, such as breast cancer, breast hyperplasia, and localized gland thickening. Six, machine washing 10,000 times without deformation. The product has shape memory characteristics, which can be deformed at low temperatures, and return to its shape when it is close to body temperature, which is easy to wash and travel. When it is close to body temperature, it has super elasticity and does not deform, which is conducive to lifting sagging and sagging breasts and increasing and qualitative breasts.

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        Company Name: Hongkong Ruoan Feier Investment Enterprise Co., Ltd.
        Company Address: Baoan District, Shenzhen
        Postcode: 421000
        Phone: 0755-61679696
        Contact: Marketing Department
        Fax: 0755-61679696
        Enterprise official website: