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Brand Information

Brand Name: Zorzi

English name: ZOERZI

Origin: Shenzhen


Brand grade: mid-range
Main Products: Seamless underwear
Brand characteristics: Zorzi brand focuses on high-end seamless underwear, masters advanced technology, and its products sell well at home and abroad.
Phone: 86-755-84826304
Consulting QQ number:
Brand URL: http://www.zoerzi.com
Brand Weibo: http://e.weibo.com/meibiannian
Online mall: http://mbnny.tmall.com/
  • Focus on the high-end seamless underwear market

    Focus on high-end seamless underwear market

    Zorzi seamless underwear will participate in the 2013 Shenzhen Underwear Exhibition, Zorzi brand is the Shenzhen century clothing

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Centennial beauty: make high-end seamless underwear more fashionable

Midcentury is Japan's most influential manufacturer of seamless bodywear brands. Its “Zorz” is a professional brand of seamless underwear specially created for domestic high-end consumers. The manufacturing technology of “Zorz” products combines the most advanced technological achievements in the world ’s most advanced textiles and clothing, making it comfortable, considerate and fashionable. , Change in one.

The products are mainly developed in accordance with the different needs of different groups of consumers and four major series of products: Modal fashion series, body shaping series, thermal protection series, sports function series, to meet consumers' needs in terms of comfort, beauty, health, and functionality. demand.

The centuries-old high-end seamless underwear products are more prominent in "fashion" characteristics, more humane in style design, attention to detail design, breaking the limitations of traditional seamless underwear styles with simple styles and simple colors, using rich jacquard organization and current popular colors. Clothing is infused with more fashion elements.

The 100-year-old powerful seamless underwear project has won the "Knitting Underwear Innovation Contribution Award", "China Knitting Industry Brand Contribution Award" and "China Knitting Industry Special Contribution Award" issued by the China Textile Industry Association last year. The only company to receive this award.

Contact information

Company Name: Shenzhen Meibainian Garment Co., Ltd.
Company Address: No. 60 Nanlian Road, Longgang Town, Shenzhen
Postcode: 518172
Phone: 86-755-84826304
Contact: Liu Fan
Fax: 86-755-84826629
Enterprise official website: http://www.zoerzi.com