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Brand Name: Ilan Fen

English name: ELEVEN

Origin: Foshan


Brand Grade: Low Grade
Main Products: Body underwear brand, underwear brand, bra underwear brand
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      Brand News

        ELEVEN, as the patron saint of women in Nordic mythology, is also called the god of beauty and happiness. It is responsible for the beauty, happiness and health of women, and is called the god of heaven in Nordic mythology. Legend has it that this goddess is the daughter of the gods ODIN and FRIGG. She is elegant, beautiful, and loved by the gods. Legend has it that as long as a woman prays to her for beautiful health and happiness and asks for blessings, she will quietly bless you and come to your side. To date, the tradition of using ELEVEN as the patron saint of women is still circulating in Nordic families.

        In the early 1980s, Dr. DDC heard this beautiful legend during the development process. After returning to China, he found that Asian women's bodies are generally flatter than those of European women. They are plump and curvy, especially after childbirth. Women generally suffer from bloated and deformed bodies. DDC, who is studying underwear design, carefully studied and After comparison, it is found that in addition to the differences in stature caused by inborn genetics and living habits of European and Asian women, most of the reasons are because European women pay more attention to the maintenance of their stature. European women have taught their underwear knowledge and correctness since adolescence. How to wear, learn to choose the underwear that suits your body. As you get older, adjust the styles and models of your underwear regularly to stay slim and moving for a long time. On the contrary, Asian women are influenced by traditional concepts and lifestyles, neglecting the protective effect of underwear on body shape, and are also casual in choosing and wearing underwear, which causes further deterioration of body shape.

        In order to enable Asian women to have a fascinating body curve like European women, Dr. DDC uses engineering, mechanics, aesthetics, human body anatomy and fat free principle according to the body structure and shape characteristics of Asian women, using fabrics different from ordinary underwear , Unique design, careful tailoring, perfect lathe, to create a new generation of underwear --- body underwear. During the research and development process, Dr. DDC constantly recalled the legend of the beautiful goddess he heard while traveling in Europe, hoping that the new-generation body underwear designed by himself would help women to have beautiful body curves like the goddess ELEVEN. So he named his new body underwear ELEVEN-Ilan Fen

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