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Brand Information

Brand Name: Guge

English name: KUGER

Origin: Shenzhen

Founded: 2001

Brand grade: mid-range
Main Products: Homewear Pajamas
Brand characteristics: Guge brand home clothing is very elegant, comfortable, sweet and cute, and is welcomed by girls.
Phone: 0755-82228830 / 400-000-4708
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"KUGER" is an underwear homewear brand owned by Shenzhen Jujuhui Clothing Co., Ltd. It was founded in 2001 and is one of the founding members of Guangdong Underwear Association.

After more than ten years of development, "Guge" products are unique and have formed a good brand reputation in the market with unique styles, which are loved by new and old customers. With unique and diversified products, Guge has participated in many exhibitions, successively participated in Nanning Fashion Fair, Chongqing Famous Products Exhibition, and Shenzhen International Brand Underwear Exhibition. The brand awareness, brand reputation, and brand influence have gained a lot. Improved and achieved proud results.

Over the past ten years, "Kuger Guge" has focused on the production and operation of underwear products such as home wear, adheres to the brand line, and has accumulated a lot of money. At present, it has established a number of "Kuger Guge" image stores in Shenzhen and has developed in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide. Affiliate agents, products are loved and trusted by consumers. ,

2013 was a transition period for the upgrade of the "Kuger Guge" brand development strategy, and the brand accelerated its horse race in the main markets of the country.

Looking into the future, "Kuger Guge" will take the crown and responsibility of "the most fashionable home service brand in China", gallop on the international stage, and become an international brand with oriental fashion characteristics.

Brand Positioning:

Positioned among junior middle school students and above, and smart urban intellectual women (13-35 years old), it touches the hearts of customers with the essence of emotional marketing and family culture, and creates value-for-money stylish homes with friendly and honest prices and diverse design styles. culture.

Brand concept: Focus on promoting a cultural concept and taste, showing the beauty of urban elegance, comfort and warmth of life.

Brand style: elegant, comfortable, sweet, cute, stylish, sexy

Brand story: From a very young age, as a girl, I always dreamed that one day I could realize my "Princess Dream" ...

Contact information

Company Name: Shenzhen Jujuhui Clothing Co., Ltd.
Company Address: Room 2301, Foreign Trade Building, No. 239, Zhongxing Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Postcode: 518000
Phone: 0755-82228830 / 400-000-4708
Contact: Marketing Department
Enterprise official website: