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Brand Information

Brand Name: Instory

English name: Instory

Origin: South Korea


Brand grade: mid-range
Main Products: Stockings
Brand characteristics: The History brand originates from South Korea, pursues individual fashion, leads the fashion trend, and is welcomed by urban fashion women.
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      brand information

        Brand Origin:

        After completing the growth of the girl, she has begun a new transformation of women's life, traveled to many fashion capitals, enjoyed the joy of being alone, looking at the bustling, and looking back, you can see the numerous stories of history.

        Instory, from South Korea, borderless fashion, reflects your splendid life!

        Brand personality:

        Petty bourgeoisie: The spokesperson for petty bourgeois women, she leads the fashion trend, not sticking to the rules, not stereotypical, and seeking to enjoy.

        Personality: likes adventure and excitement, self-confidence, publicity, and self-expanding personality.

        Happiness: shopping, sunshine and a cup of coffee, bar nights immersed in the rhythm, good times with the people you love, all the happiness that comes with confidence in my heart.

        Brand analysis:

        Brand Name: INTORY

        Brand concept: Representing the lifestyle of urban women.

        Brand characteristics: artistic lines and gorgeous colors outline the brand's feeling.

        Brand Audience: Mainly targeted at urban women aged 20-30, an independent, confident and enjoyable urban family.

        branded advantages:

        Instory has a well-targeted audience.

        Instory always pursues differentiated style and full of personality.

        Instory stimulates people's sensual organs and leaves a strong impression.

        "Instory" series: women's fashion stockings, shorts, underwear, fashion pants, etc.

        Contact information

        Company Name: Zhejiang Menzuoyouyou Clothing Co., Ltd.
        Company address: No. 517 Longtan Road, Datang Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province
        Postcode: 311800
        Phone: 086-575-87780000
        Contact: Marketing Department
        Fax: 086-575-87780815 87780825
        Enterprise official website: