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Brand Information

Brand Name: She Loves

English name: SLOVS

Origin: Hong Kong

Founded: 1995

Brand grade: middle and high grade
Main Products: Women's underwear
Brand Features: She loves women's underwear brand from Hong Kong with popular design, comfortable touch and exquisite workmanship.
Phone: 00852-36179157 / 8008579102
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  • The first brand of Chinese comfortable boutique underwear

    The first brand of Chinese comfortable boutique underwear

    "China's No.1 Brand of Comfortable Underwear" SLOVS (her favorite) is about to debut at the 2013 Shenzhen Underwear Fair

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Brand vision: May the world ’s women bloom beautifully!

Brand mission: create perfection, let love pass

Brand Values: Pleasant, Pleasant, Pleasant, Pleasant

Brand style: beauty, comfort, respect

The brand continues to innovate in design and craftsmanship, leading the fashion trend of interiors with exquisite craftsmanship and perfect details, reinterpreting the touch and nobility of lace, with smooth lines, prominent personality, simple and rich styles, and can fully meet the needs of modern fashion and elegant women Inner needs, to enhance the noble woman's intellectual elegance, fashion personality's touching charm and noble image.

Brand Positioning:

The brand mainly focuses on high-end comfortable fabrics and fashionable and sexy designs. According to market trends and target consumer characteristics, the brand is positioned in the domestic high-end market. The main target consumer groups are middle- and high-income women in their 20s and 40s.

Brand management philosophy:

SLOVS (she loves) adhering to the brand goal of "creating the first brand of comfortable underwear in China", adhering to the "innovative technology, quality service, harmonious and win-win" development strategy, pursuing the "quality first, integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and progressive" enterprise Spirit, adhere to the business philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by credit", and take the core motivation of the brand to create customer benefits and differentiated competitive advantages, deeply analyze market trends, strengthen the core competitiveness of the brand, and strive to provide customers with high High-quality interior products, spreading the comfort, refinement, fashion, nobility, elegance and pleasure experienced by SLOVS.

Contact information

Company Name: France She Loves (International) Clothing Co., Ltd
Company Address: Room A1, 10 / F, Tai Sang Bank Building, 130-132 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
Phone: 00852-36179157 / 8008579102
Contact: Marketing Department
Fax: 00852-21100996
Enterprise official website: