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Brand Information

Brand Name: Pull-in

English name: Pull-in

Origin: France

Founded: 2000

Brand grade: middle and high grade
Main Products: Men's Underwear, Ladies Underwear, Swimwear
Brand characteristics: The latest technology fabrics and the most original designs create the most fashionable, comfortable and interesting underwear experience, and have been the pioneers of the underwear market.
Phone: 021-62330951-8031
Consulting QQ number:
Brand URL: http://www.pull-in.com
Brand Weibo: http://e.weibo.com/pullinasia
online shopping mall:

      brand information

        Pull-in products are suitable for men, women and children over 2 years of age. The overall printing design is both bright and powerful. The innovative use of high-quality fabrics and elastic waistbands makes Pull-in's products unparalleled. Products range from underwear (men's / women's underwear, leggings, socks) to swimwear (swimsuits, flip-flops, towels) and professional ski equipment (thermal underwear, ski underwear, ski caps, etc.), as well as everyday casual clothes, each Accessories and tannins and more. Four series are launched each year: PartyTime, Spring, Summer and Winter.

        Pull-in attaches great importance to the use of fabrics. All products are made in Europe and have perfect cuts. What makes Pull-in proud is that the brand will strive to launch the latest collection every season, using the most clever print design. At the same time, the combination with elastic band is also an important stage in product development and creation. Sales in Hong Kong and Taiwan are now booming in Greater China, and Beijing's performance is steadily increasing.

        Contact information

        Company Name: Collar Distribution (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
        Company address: 13A, No.57, Lane 800, Zhongshan West Road, Changning District, Shanghai
        Postcode: 200050
        Phone: 021-62330951-8031
        Contact: Miss Zhao
        Enterprise official website: http://www.pull-in.com