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Brand Information

Brand Name: Anoves

English name:

Origin: Zhongshan

Founded: 2000

Brand Grade: Low Grade
Main Products: Men's underwear
Brand Features: Live British Gentlemanship
Phone: 0760-22180798
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      brand information

        "Anovos" brand underwear distributors all over the country, and has dealer customers in more than ten countries. The company has independent production plants, office buildings and employee dormitories. "Jian Ao" adhering to the concept of "creating high-quality products for human beings" and cooperates with a number of large-scale supplier companies to extract high-quality materials, improve the quality of enterprise products, and advocate for our company. The slogan "Jian Ao moves because of us", "Scientific work, build quality" is the purpose of the company. The company adheres to both strategy and technology to promote enterprise development, introduces professional talents from various aspects, expands first-level agents across the country, strengthens the company's pace of progress and builds its brand, and builds a consistent link from corporate brand to customer processing to highlight the brand The development of culture and diversification, the implementation of standardized, standardized and humane management mode, to give enterprises and employees a common development plan, so as to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and employees.

        Contact information

        Company Name: Zhongshan Jianao Clothing Co., Ltd.
        Company Address: No. 162, West District Road, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan
        Phone: 0760-22180798
        Contact: Marketing Department
        Fax: 0760-22180798
        Enterprise official website: