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Australian Sunshine Men's Underwear Project Merchants Join

Brand Name: Australian Sunshine
English name:
Main Products: Men's Underwear, Underwear
Brand Features: Create a refined and exquisite inner life
Price range: 20-100 yuan
Brand URL:
Affiliated enterprise: Zhongshan Aoda Garment Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0760-22787911 22605611
Consulting QQ number:
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Project theme:
Investment quota:
Franchise area:
Business model:
Development model:
Suitable for investors:

Australian University Sunshine Investment Conditions and Requirements

Basic investment amount per store
Requirements for shops
Store image requirements
Franchise / Agent Requirements
Operational management requirements
other requirements

      Australian University Sunshine Investment

        Australasia franchise fees

        management fee no training fee no
        equipment cost no Royalties no
        Franchise no Brand royalties no
        Margin no First purchase fee no
        Equity no other fee no
        Expenses no

        1. Brand positioning

        Brand concept: technology pioneer, design innovation, first-class quality!

        Brand spirit: integrity, professionalism, harmony, service!

        Brand values: create a refined and exquisite inner life!

        Brand goal: to create taste and comfortable life, to create a first-class underwear fashion brand!

        Brand slogan: quality, taste, sunny life!

        Brand introduction:

        Target consumer group: middle and senior white-collar workers, freelancers, business entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers, doctors, etc., whose design style is mainly in the age range of 25-45 and the age group of 30-35. They have high aesthetic discrimination, longing for a certain lifestyle, pursuing comfortable, healthy, and environmentally friendly dressing concepts, and they like fashion, simplicity, and smooth style. Not only pay attention to the practicality and quality of clothing, but also have high expectations for the design style and the concept and culture conveyed by the brand. They have strong purchasing power and mature consumer mentality, and they also have high requirements for brand design, quality and terminal service.

        Moderately priced and cost-effective, it is mainly a combination shop, shop-in-shop, and counter.

        Second, the design style positioning:

        Underwear is not only a physiological requirement, but also a symbol of human cultural connotation. What we have to do is: try our best to create an Australian beach and sunny life, with the theme of "comfort, fashion, taste" design style. Relying on the concept of cutting-edge quality, innovation and fashion, to keep up with fashion design, sophisticated cutting and sewing standards, cutting-edge production methods and rigorous quality assurance system, continuous innovation of fabric development, to create comfortable and prominent personality Taste space, advocating a new concept of intimate care and personalized consumption of underwear. So as to present the taste and exquisite underwear of the elite of fashion.

        Creating a dream design

        'Australia Sunshine' style is fashionable and elegant, providing tasteful, exquisite and elegant underwear for people who want comfort. From basic, classic, fashionable, casual, home and transport insurance, it covers men and women. Need to wear different underwear.

        'Australia Sunshine' has an excellent design team, the source and inspiration are mainly from Europe and the United States, and often absorb and draw lessons from international and domestic first-class underwear brands. Make sure you keep up with the latest trends while maintaining your own style.

        External style-simple, neat, stylish, exquisite; high-quality, European romantic style; refined, smooth lines, simple design, neat cutting and sewing, revealing the noble trend of personality, classic and uninhibited, elegant And leisure, looking for balance in fashion and reality.

        Inner character-fashion, health, self-confidence, sense of accomplishment, taste of life!

        Fourth, perfect quality technology

        The Australian company always chooses suppliers of high-quality fabrics and accessories, and guarantees the production of standard fabrics.

        The company always maintains the consistent quality requirements of "excellence, pursuit of first-class". And can continuously innovate and update the process as the trend changes. Since the establishment of the Australian University, it has been known in the industry for its high quality and has led the trend of the consumer market.

        Australian Sunshine Contact

        Company Name: Zhongshan Aoda Garment Co., Ltd.
        Address of Company: No. 107, Xinghua Middle Road, Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City
        Postcode: 528425
        Phone: 0760-22787911 22605611
        Contact: Mr. Li
        Fax: 0760-22615811
        Enterprise official website: